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Bifocal Lenses

Bifocal lenses are lenses that are divided in two sectors to enable the wearer to see distant objects and also to read. There are of various types. There are those divided exactly in half and then those which present on their lower part a sort of "bezel". Just looking through the bezel, the user can, for example, to read the newspaper. But, looking through the rest of the lens in the upper part of it, he will be able to focus on objects that are located away. Today, bifocals are rapidly going out of use in favor of progressive lenses that allow more accurate correction at all distances. Freeform progressive lenses, which are the latest generation of multifocal lenses, allow the creation of glasses that provide optimal vision at all distances, with the added benefit of significantly reducing the distortions that had the disadvantage of the old first-generation progressive lenses . The upper part of the lens serves to put objects to distant fire, then gradually, it passes to the central part of the lens, with continuity of vision, to focus on objects that are located at intermediate distances and, finally, it will use the lower part of the glass to read, write, or at least see clearly objects that are near. Obviously, the use of the multifocal or progressive lenses requires a minimum of adaptation period, which varies from individual to individual. We do not recommend the use of multifocal lenses to those very old who have always used single-vision glasses or bifocals.


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