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News » A view on Eyeglasses Frames counterfeit : all that glitters is not gold.

A view on Eyeglasses Frames counterfeit : all that glitters is not gold.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Italians look mainly to the aesthetic factor when selecting eyeglass frames and sunglasses. This is an absolutely wrong direction, which, moreover, stimulates and encourages many ghostly eyewear manufacturers to make counterfeit frames. Well, the optical frames of glasses, as well as those from the sun, counterfeit, represent a serious risk to our health What the damage attributable to the use of these counterfeit frames today is now well established. Let\'s look at some of them. Allergic skin reactions Many, too, are those who consider valid a material rather than another, thereby giving the frames of eyeglasses absolutely confined to the role of aesthetic appeal and perfect fashionable grip of the moment. The quality of the material they are made of the frames of eyeglasses and sunglasses is essential importance if not subjected to European directives compliance carries a potential high risk of allergic reactions. There are materials, known in the common language as "plastic-like", which, more than ever, represent the alternative to celluloid classic. Same goes for the metal frames whose treatment unless it complies with the legal requirements currently in force, can lead to allergic reactions also very invasive, attributable also to the easy interaction that has the glasses with sweat, causing annoying redness and dermatitis contact. Bad eyewear adherence to the face. The frames of eyeglasses and sunglasses lens has equal importance. In the measurement phase, the choice of one or the other frame is not to be underestimated at all: counterfeit ones tend to be, as a rule, too small and not very wraparound. These are characteristics which should not be considered chargeable to size of: good frames of eyeglasses and sunglasses should never be impediments to a good view, because in such a case would defeat the protective effect of the lens itself. Conversely, overly large rods prevent lateral vision, which is to the detriment of a good and clear view. Same goes for the support on the nose, which must be perfect. The useful test to evaluate his comfort is simple, just try them: they tend to come down on the nose means that do not allow adequate protection. Eye to finishing A wake useful to recognize the frames of eyeglasses and counterfeit sun is represented by the finish. How clever he is the one who produces them, not original frames have little details taken care of easily recognizable eye on so that you face the case. The original glasses, quality, certificate meets significantly higher standards. Finally, pay attention to the possible presence on the frames of eyeglasses and sunglasses protruding parts or sharp edges: well disguised as decorative elements can cause discomfort or even injury to the wearer. So we are very careful we are going to buy the glasses. We try to hijack buying into safe channels, bones opticians, guarantee the reliability of this product and its certified origin. Glasses sold at market stalls or in the street are almost certainly counterfeit and / or harmful. It is an absolute datum seen that the purchase function in these contexts no information about the material does not provide certainty with which the glasses is realized.


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