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News » Symptoms of trachoma, the eye disease caused by bacteria

Symptoms of trachoma, the eye disease caused by bacteria

Trachoma is an eye disease caused by the bacterium "Chlamydia trachomatis", a microorganism that, localizing in the conjunctiva, causes an inflammatory process that leads to chronic evolution. The bacterial infection is particularly contagious and affects, most of the time, both eyes.
The first symptoms of trachoma generally occur with redness, intense burning, tearing, swollen eyelids, and intense sensitivity to light.
Another, more specific and typical sign of trachoma, is the buckle of the eyelid toward the inside, which tends to weld to the conjunctiva, with the simultaneous orientation of the eyelashes always towards the inside of the eye.

Causes and modes of transmission of trachoma
As explained, the onset of trachoma is to be charged as inflicted by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis infection: infection that is usually transmitted by direct contact with the infected person, especially with the eyes, eyelids, throat, nose and eye discharge.
However, the transmission of this infection, can also occur through contaminated objects (such as handkerchiefs, towels, etc.). Even the flies feeding on ocular secretions, can be vectors of transmission of this disease.
Trachoma, most likely, is due to an immunological response as a result of the same continuous or repeated exposure to this bacterium.
Among infectious diseases, trachoma is in the world the biggest cause of preventable blindness.

Spread of trachoma in the world
From the geographical point of view, trachoma is endemic in parts of Africa, South America, India, but also the Middle East and Southeast Asia.
In these areas the disease is particularly widespread and invasive, so much so that one in four people, once the site of disease, may lose his sight.
Acute infectious trachoma is characterized by conjunctivitis, non-infected, affecting both eyes.
In this seat, were put in review signs and symptoms, which are typical of the initial stage of the disease, the problem is that this, if not caught in time, at a later stage can involve the cornea itself, which, in its upper part , it becomes less and less transparent and are formed of small opacities (corneal infiltrates).
The next stage of this infection is called "healing": the degree of inflammation tends to decrease but the initial eyelid abnormalities become visible (trichiasis and entropion).
In the final stage of the disease the inflammation in question appears completely resolved, but they are different degrees of scarring of the conjunctiva. In this stage, the different deformations of the eyelid represent the characteristic signs of trachoma.

Treatment of trachoma: how to intervene to prevent the worst
The acute forms of therapy, if sporadic, trachoma is generally represented by the treatment with systemic antibiotics.
Studies and research aimed decidedly global elimination of trachoma by surgical treatments to the eyelid and focus on antibiotic therapies and more effective cleaning of the face.
It \'also possible to act by building on the prevention: the onset of a trachoma is of vital importance that the appropriate rules of hygiene and supply able to satisfy the need of the organism as regards protein substances.

It seems needless to say, but it is necessary, of course, avoid contact with people already infected.
Another tip is, if you live in a country where this disease is endemic, to undergo periodic inspections in presence of even minimal eye irritation.


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