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News » The cold hurts your eyes? We try to understand more

The cold hurts your eyes? We try to understand more

It seems that the habit of protecting your eyes during the summer has fortunately established between all of us, but few would pose this question: "the cold hurts your eyes"?
While sunlight can be a threat, it is equally true that we should begin to think that the eyes should be protected even in the winter season.
Wind and cold air can, in fact, result in disparate eye disorders, including: redness, especially in the low parts of the eyeball, and manifest pain, in particular, to the touch.

Temperatures stiff and dry eye syndrome: is there a link?
According to recent studies, the cold hurts your eyes: the latter may be affected by the lowering of the temperature becoming "victims" of the so-called dry eye syndrome.
With dry eye syndrome it refers to quell\'alterazione balance that regulates the secretion and the distribution of the tear film. When, in fact, it alters the amount of tears or tends to degrade the same quality, the eye tends to dry because no such its outer surface is more lubricated.
The most obvious symptoms include burning, ocular redness and sensitivity to light, difficulty opening the eyelids, especially on waking, and blurred vision.

The cold also hurts the cornea?
With the cold, the cornea becomes less reactive, with the effect that the eye begins to accuse a greater effort in the vision. The cold hurts your eyes, and in this case, they make us feel the sensation of "seeing us wrong" actually caused by stress to which they are subjected.
In the lower temperature conditions, it is, therefore, appropriate to protect your eyes with appropriate lenses, with the specific certificates of compliance.
But the cold hurts the eyes also indirectly: this happens when, for example, the harsh temperatures ranging to worsen the status of some pathologies which are not directly connected to the low temperatures.
One example is conjunctivitis, which can be caused by inflammation of the airways.

Cold eyes and vascular damage
The cold hurts your eyes even from the vascular point of view: an air shot can also cause vasoconstriction, causing injury to the vessel wall.
In tow, it is possible to take place hemorrhage similar to that which occurs as a result of sudden efforts, vascular fragility, or taking certain medications.
In these situations, in the presence, in particular, of a red patch, it is appropriate in a specialist visit.
To prevent or reduce the possibility of having to deal with these situations, as you imagine, quite alarming, it is good to take measures, even simple, to address the particularly cold and windy days because, remember, the cold it hurts your eyes.

Small steps to counter the cold eyes
While cold it hurts your eyes, however, it is sufficient to use small tricks to avoid potential risks to our visual health:
- We wear dark goggles to prevent excessive tearing;
- Even in the mountains avvaliamoci of certified quality glasses with high UV protection shielding lenses;
- If we move in motion even in winter it is good to always use the lowered visor.
Those who wear glasses should use, then, of the specific products to prevent moisture condensation to transition from a warm place to a very cold.
But that, ultimately, it\'s just a little trick of purely aesthetic character.

The cold hurts your eyes. So let us not underestimate the danger.


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