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News » Eyeglasses for children: how to balance comfort and beauty

Eyeglasses for children: how to balance comfort and beauty

Any parent struggling with buying the right pair of eyeglasses for their children certainly will not underestimate the importance of eyeglass frames for children.
Choose in an optical shop becomes more and more difficult because of the confusion that a range of increasingly large and diverse can rightly engender.
There are many eyeglass frames for children on the market.

What care in the selection of eyeglass frames for children
The problem is, first of all, to understand which eyeglass frames for children they will be willing to wear, and the longer they will last over time.
Children, in fact, at first glance, refuse eyeglasses, and because it creates inconvenience or because they find them annoying and uncomfortable.
For starters, an increasing number of children who are forced to wear the already tiny glasses, without even being able to understand the importance and the real need to wear them.
Sometimes the ophthalmologist provides specific recommendations regarding the children\'s spectacle frames, but, more often, the decision is left to us and to our children, of course, always has sufficient age to make the choice.

Orienting the choice
Here is the first legitimate question to us adults: how to choose a pair of eyeglass frames for children that appeal to them? What are the most suitable models for their needs?
Of course, first you have to prepare your child making him understand that wearing glasses can also be fun.
Then there are the elements to consider that the purchase may prove good: the quality, durability and comfort. Well, how to tell if a children\'s spectacle frame possesses these characteristics?
That allayed some concerns, ones that frequently beset the mind of us parents in the process of choice.

Plastic or metal?
In the past, eyeglass frames plastic children have been a better choice for small, as they are considered more durable, less likely to be bent or broken, lighter and less expensive. However, in recent times, manufacturers are making metal frames that incorporate these same features.

What shapes and sizes prefer?
The children\'s spectacle frames must be perfectly adapted to the shape of the face of the wearer. Very often children in fact tend to look out dall\'occhiale, above the lens.
A generally good optical is the best judge who determines if a frame is well suited.
Children are often attracted to "strange" models because they make them appear larger.
It is not unusual that they require of eyeglass frames for children just like those who wear mom or dad. Which is not recommended: at any age her glasses.

On what model guide the choice?
From the aesthetic point of view when choosing a children\'s spectacle frame is very important to take into account the preferences of the child.
Whether glasses always carry or occasionally, they must obtain the consent of the children.
In any case, you should avoid them choose models clearly questionable, inappropriate and overly expensive.


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