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News » Are varifocal progressive lenses useful?

Are varifocal progressive lenses useful?

Mr. Mario from Mondovi in ​​the province of Cuneo writes: I just turned 45 and I increasingly find it difficult to read the newspaper without glasses. Until a couple of years ago I wore glasses to correct a slight myopia associated with astigmatism but my eyes have also started making misfired on short and medium distances. My optician told me that it is quite normal to develop a hyperopia to a certain age, because the eye\'s lens stiffens and is no longer able to focus on objects that are located at short distances. The optician then he made a couple of glasses that are used to correct my hyperopia and now I use them when I have to read or work on the computer. But I find that having to change glasses all the time, to see near and then to see far is becoming a big hassle. I have friends who for years lead glasses with progressive lenses that serve them to see at all distances and are fine. I\'m a bit \'hesitant to go to the expense of new progressive glasses because I read the articles on the internet that say that some people may experience difficulties adapting to progressive lenses. What you can say about it? Dear Mr Mario. We have repeatedly addressed the subject of progressive lenses in these our NEWS because it is a topic that affects millions of people who face the problem of the occurrence of hyperopia which is precisely the difficulty from the subject to focus on nearby objects (read, write, use the phone, tablet, PC, etc.). In general, according to our experience, younger you are the easier it is to adapt quickly to the use of progressive lenses. His age of 45 years, we consider, from the optical point of view, a young age. In our opinion, we think that the investment of money to purchase a new pair of glasses with progressive lenses, is justified and useful. With the new pair of glasses she can put in a drawer of his old single-vision glasses and not to use them again. The period of adaptation should not be long. Progressive lenses of new generation: those known as "internal geometry," that Glance24 mounts exclusively on their glasses, promote optimal vision at all distances, far, middle and near and are easily adaptable. Thousands of our customers have purchased from us glasses with progressive lenses. Some of them for the first time and everyone was happy with their choice. Please read on our homepage some of the comments that our clients leave voluntarily after making a purchase on our website and we hope to have answered his questions in a comprehensive manner. We want to remind you that you will be able to buy his new glasses with progressive lenses on our site, saving more than 50% compared to traditional optical neighborhood prices. In essence, you need not empty your wallet to obtain a new pair of glasses. Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss in detail your needs. Best Regards Optics


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