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Visual skills

Practicing with special exercises used during visual rehabilitation teaches to improve and optimize the way we use the vision. Visual rehabilitation serves to train, strengthen the eye muscles, improving visual perception and thus learning. Through the vision well we receive 80% of the information from the environment: it is therefore essential skill to perform most daily activities, especially for learning and work tasks. The vision is given by a set of skills. Some individuals have visual skills insufficient and, therefore, are struggling to carry out their activities. Only a correct visual training can develop and improve all visual abilities. Visual skills Fixation: bet or move quickly away from one object to another. Tracking: follow moving objects consistently and accurately (eg .: grab the ball, keep your place while reading even if the book or the reader change places) binocular vision: to see with both eyes and combine the information received by each eye in order to build a single mental image. Convergence: the eyes to converge toward one another to watch near objects (or words of the book to the reading distance) and maintain a comfortable and efficient eye alignment in time (attention span). Stereopsis: determine the depth, the relief or the relative distance of objects simultaneously watching with both eyes. field of vision: visual area where you can see forms, locate the position of objects in space and appreciate the contrast and sensitivity to movement in the lateral view. Perception of the form: organize and recognize visual stimuli, noting similarities and differences (the difference between "was" and "are" between "in" and "beautiful", 21 and 12, "O" uppercase and lowercase "o") .

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