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News » aspherical lenses for myopia and hyperopia

aspherical lenses for myopia and hyperopia

There are hyperopia of different importanceaccording to the prescription, but I would say that the aspherical lenses are definitely the most recommended. Exist for each type of refractive index and thus by 1.5 that are the standard of up to 1.74 which are the thinnest. Usually a \'hyperopia who corrects with a lens index 1.5 is not serious and therefore normally using spherical lenses. We we manufacture eyeglasses with standard aspherical lenses in 1.64 and 1.74 indices but if you want the most from your new glasses consult us for aspherical lenses for the other values. I remember from my work experience, a friend who took me two glasses with the same recipe, a "work" cheaper with spherical lenses and a "party" on a more refined frame. I suggested that he try the aspherical lens in order to understand the difference in quality. I see how it was today his stunned expression trying the two glasses one after all \'other . His words were: "I have never tried a pair of glasses as well! And \'another world, zero side disturbances and razor sharp vision. Please, now that I\'ve tried all the difference, I can not use every day the \'worst of the two glasses. I ask you to rifarmeli with aspherical lenses. " I\'m not the bearer of glasses, but he convinced me to offer them to all my customers, they are priced slightly higher than the spherical lenses, but in addition to the aesthetic advantage of not deforming the eye, make happy those who use them!


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