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News » Armani eyeglasses

Armani eyeglasses

The frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani are manufactured by Luxottica, house founded in 1961 by Leonardo Del Vecchio. Luxottica, based in the province of Belluno, produces about 75 million pairs of glasses a year and generated in 2013 a turnover of 7 billion euros. Luxottica employs approximately 70,000 employees in its various factories around the world. Not bad for a boy from the institute of Milan Martinitt, an institution that welcomes orphaned and was established by a Venetian origins monk named Jerome Emiliani. The brand Armani is not the only product from Luxottica. Several other brands are part of the range offered by the eyecare giant. Among these are: Oakley, Ray Ban, Burberry Sunglasses, Eyeglasses Bulgari, Chanel Sunglasses, Eyeglasses Dolce and Gabbana, Donna Karan Sunglasses, Eyeglasses Miu Miu, Persol Sunglasses, Prada Sunglasses, Eyeglasses Ralph Laurent, Stella McCartney Glasses, Glasses Tiffany, Versace eyewear, glasses Vogue glasses Coach and some others. Much of the production of Luxottica has now made overseas, where labor costs are lower than those Italians. Higher revenues obtained from Luxottica, do not go to the benefit of consumers who must continue to pay some good money for the privilege of wearing a signature frame, but must be to the benefit of shareholders. Maybe you should start to discuss, at government level, of how it is possible to brand MADE IN ITALY, eyeglasses that are probably (often) made in China.


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