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Single vision lenses

What are single vision lenses? They are ophthalmic lenses used to correct a visual defect to a single distance. We will explain better: when a person is, for example, short-sighted and needs a pair of glasses to see better, it will say that the person will use a pair of spectacles with single vision lenses. Lenses that correct then the inability to focus on objects that are far away from the subject. The same applies to a person who is hyperopic; that it has a hard time to focus on objects that are near to him. It matters little that in addition to myopia and hyperopia, the subject is also astigmatic. Always monofocal lenses that can be also correct the astigamatismo that manifests in the form of splitting the edges of objects. The monofocal lenses to improve their efficiency, they should always be purchased with a scratch resistant treatment that will make them more resistant and also with the anti-reflective coating that will eliminate annoying reflections of light in general. The online optical offers change lenses on the customer\'s frame from € 27 the pair to monofocal lenses. Or complete glasses (frame and lenses) at prices starting at € 49. We advise everyone to subscribe to the newsletter of, to receive favorable offers of discounts.


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