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News » Rimless frames for eyeware

Rimless frames for eyeware

Rimless glasses are characterized by the fact that the only supports that hold the lenses are of the pins of small dimensions placed at the ends of the lenses, is that nasal last fabric. The pins in question may be of plastic material or metallic material. Those of plastic material are placed directly inside the holes that will be made during assembly directly on the lens, and once inserted in the lenses is going to be fixed to the rods of the frame and the bridge. Those metallic material (simple or titanium alloys) provide a small extension of the rods and the bridge that will be placed in the holes of the lenses and then closed securely by bolts. As we see, in both cases they must be applied on the lenses of the holes so as to be able to ensure the fissaggio.Proprio for this reason that the lenses are used for the glasses per day should have greater hardness and therefore will be high index lenses choices refractive (type 1.6 or 1.67) or special materials such as polycarbonate or the trivex. Glance of us prefer to use high-index material as the high index material more respect of purity, brightness and brilliance. One of the problems related to the use of this type of glasses is due to the high transparency of the lenses that is created especially in the upper part, in that, the slow during processing (cutting) are perfectly polished with special grinding wheels; this polishing it can create prismatic effects on the wearer. Therefore, not to worry too much if you find this unpleasant phenomenon, as it just ask them to whom it mounted the glasses dulling the edges of the lenses to be able to thus return to normal. (The prismatic effect disappears)


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