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News » Trends fashion of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Trends fashion of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

What are the latest trends in eyewear frames? Fashion designers are always on the hunt for new ideas as regards the design to offer its customers in the coming months to come, or at least until the next fair of the sector when new forms and colors prevail. A little \'as happens with clothing or footwear or accessories such as bags, handbags, etc. it is now impossible to invent an entirely new look. Even more true in the eyewear field. There are insurmountable physical limits, data in that a pair of glasses must have two lunettes for mounting the lenses, two latches to lay them on the nose and two arms which must engage behind the ears. So, the designers at this point, when now everything has been proposed and repeated countless times, can not help but revisit past trends, and update them at best with a touch of introducing more or less bright colors. You can also play with the materials, by the injected plastic for the content price glasses, the most noble acetate for more precious plastic glasses, the treated metal in various colors, titanium or carbon and so on. The latest fairs seems to have prevailed in the form of the famous "cat eye glasses", or "cat\'s eye glasses" that went very fashionable in the late 50s and 60s. This for what concerns the shape. As for the colors instead, the imagination is the only limit to what we will see in the coming weeks in all optical stores. But we must say that the "old forms" of glasses will not disappear overnight, indeed. All lenses with a little \'common sense, will continue to keep them in the sample, because crowds of people wearing glasses will remain faithful to the dear old glasses bought for decades and will continue to buy in spite of the mode in the future.


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