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History of Glasses

Glasses have been around for centuries. Ever since men realized they could not see clearly, looked for ways to improve their vision. In the beginning they began using glass or precious stones, more or less smooth that served to enlarge the object that is observed. Were that, rather than the prescription lenses, common magnifying glasses. Then, he ran, as in the increasingly sophisticated lenses and work with the right curvature to correct specific visual defects such as hyperopia (difficulty to focus near objects) or myopia (difficulty to focus on distant objects), or astigmatism (visual defect that doubles the outline of the image). The lens technology has made, especially in the last 50 years, great strides through the provision of opticians who are to prepare the eyeglasses, increasingly sophisticated lenses, light and efficient. Just think of the latest generation of progressive lenses known as freeform lenses that are machined lenses on the inner surface of the lens. These lenses allow the person who wears them, to get used quickly to the use of progressive lenses, because the distortion fields that were typical of the old progressive lenses, in the new freeform lenses, have been eliminated almost completely. And what about the thickness of the lenses that continues to shrink so making the lenses lighter. Today you can prepare glasses with rimless frames (also referred to as 3 pieces), frames that do not have the metal ring or plastic around the lenses, as the nibs and the rods are fixed directly with screws through holes in the lens itself. These frames, coupled with a high-index lenses (in general, the more the index is, the higher the lens thins), create eyeglasses that weigh a few grams, very comfortable to wear.


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