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News » Selfies. Francesco Totti, Kim Kardashian and her side B.

Selfies. Francesco Totti, Kim Kardashian and her side B.

There is much talk about selfie or selfies (plural in English) but what does it mean? Selfies is an English word entered the common language of the Italians, which means self-portrait. English: Self = himself. So: to photograph himself. Self-portraits, paintings first and then with cameras have always been made but it is only with the advent of the latest generation of mobile phones with the two goals (front and back) which exploded worldwide craze of selfies. When browsing web pages of online newspapers are thousands of more or less known characters who publish their selfies to let us know that this day were in the bathroom or in the stadium or at lunch with Mom, or have bumped Matteo Renzi in Rome He has lent itself to be making a selfie with the shift unknown. It seems that the label of selfies requires the famous character NOT escape the request to make a selfie with anyone. Even the British royals are now immune from this fashion (trend in English) manic. Even Queen Elizabeth II was seen to take a selfie with one of his subjects during one of his public appearances. Then there are the "reputed death" as he calls Dagospia, like the Kim Kardashian, who daily offer us images of themselves, offering our eyes their asses and their tits, as if to say: attention are still here! Once it was harder for celebrities to get noticed. They had to undergo even the boredom of going into the well-known restaurant where they were lurking paparazzi and be then shoot a bit \'of photos pretending to have been taken by surprise. Today just that they go more or less naked (or clothes), at home, with the dog, or without, with her boyfriend, or without, perhaps on the playing field as a footballer Francesco Totti of Roma, and shoot a nice selfies to be published later on your facebook profile and voila you\'re done. You can be sure that those selfies will widen the web like wildfire and soon the whole world will be made aware of the fact that Kim Kardashian has quite a nice ass, then that is a matter of taste: someone might like it more smaller than his.


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