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News » Glasses Frames odd and unusual.

Glasses Frames odd and unusual.

Today we bring to your attention the photograph of a beautiful specs frame made of wood, which we found on the web. We do not know who created it, but if any of you recognize the brand, let us know. It \'a truly original and beautiful frame and you could even use it to create a pair of sunglasses, by inserting colored lenses. The effect would certainly be pleasant. We assume you should take care in the use and cleaning of the frame just because wood is a material that absorbs moisture and dirt and, in the long run, the surface sheen would lose its luster. This is further proof of the great imagination of those who create new models of glasses. At the recent MIDO (eyewear fair) held in Milan, we saw glasses made with inserts of coral, very beautiful (and expensive), presented by a Japanese company. We saw spectacle frames made of bamboo in various colors, very light and original, as well as beautiful titanium glasses (lightweight and hypoallergenic) and precious glasses in acetate with Swarovski rhinestones inserts. At the same fair, many booths were showing an infinity of spectacle frames for baby and boy. Made an incredible variety of patterns and colors. Glasses to suit all tastes and budgets. Also on the site of the online optician you will find a wide range of frames for men, women, baby and boy. Do not forget that if you wanted to change lenses to your old frame or perhaps a purchased elsewhere, offers the service of "change lenses" at bargain prices.


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