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In order to achieve a just and optimal viewing it is appropriate that the glasses we wear on our face we are positioned correctly. We can buy glasses in metal or plastic and in both cases are possible adjustments that enable us to achieve a comfort and optimal visual performance. We always recommend to turn to industry experts for the regulation of the glasses, but if it is not possible or you prefer to do it in a completely autonomous is necessary to have some tools we are about to list. The necessary tools to be able to adjust his glasses also independently are: A MIRROR A SMALL SCREWDRIVER WITH INTERCHANGEABLE HEAD (STAR ​​TIP, FLAT TIP) A CLAMP WITH PLASTIC TIPS A HAIR DRYER A MICROFIBRE CLOTH The first step to be followed to see if the glasses that we are carrying are set properly on our face is to wear them and position ourselves in front of the mirror looking straight, trying to figure out if the eyes are well centered within the frame. If not, they are required of small but useful adjustments we are going to list as follows: 1. Place the glasses on a flat surface (such as the kitchen table) and observe if both arms are bent uniformly and equidistant from the center. (Nose area) If you were to manually intervene will be necessary (in the case of metal frames) gently bend the arms, levering in the area where the metal rod is rolled to the rim of the frame. In doing so you should find the right equidistance the auction. If you intervene on a plastic glasses, we should always heat the same area (intersection of the final auction part and the rim of the frame) with a hair dryer and fold gently as soon as one realizes that the material is slightly warm and so ready to adjust. Pay close attention to this operation if the lenses in the present anti-reflective coating, since the heat effect its mounting. (Always remove the lenses before heating the material or simply more cover with the microfiber cloth). 2. The second and most useful thing to do is to adjust the final ends of the rods. (Terminals) Place the glasses always on a flat surface such as the kitchen table, with the final part of the rods facing upwards, allowing a better observation of the position where the terminals are located. Whether the metal rods have a plastic coating in the final part) is necessary to heat the area well with the aid of a hair dryer to allow the material to be molded more easily under the pressure of the fingers are usually of (plastic or metal also that will align and bend the same part to the bookmark is reached. It is advisable to alternate during the bending of the terminals with the proof of the same glasses to see if the adjustments made are sufficient, otherwise you repeat the operazione.Si notice that bending the resting eyeglasses terminals behind the ears will increase and Consequently they will be more adherent to the face. In case it has overdone it a bit \'with the curvature simply perform the operation on the contrary, decreasing it. 3. Tighten all screws on the frame, especially those of the two sides of the circles if you have purchased a metal model. 4. Fine adjusting the position of the nose pads (the two lugs that resting on the nose) is significantly shift the center of the eyeglasses and accordingly its fit. If the glasses are too high it will suffice enlarge the nibs with the aid of the fingers (the nibs move with ease) thus making them slide gently downwards. Conversely tightening lugs the glasses will go up in the upper part of the face. The latter adjustment is useful for those who had purchased glasses with progressive lenses because the optical center to move away considerably according to the adjustments made. If the glasses did not exhibit lugs but rather simple laying of the bridge (as in the case of plastic glasses) will be sufficient to raise or lower the glasses adjustment terminal as described in section 2 and with the help of simple hair dryer. ( the higher the terminal curve, the higher you will place the glasses on the face). It is recommended during all phases of adjustment of the glasses, to protect the lens with a small microfiber cloth and possibly never to support the optical surface thus avoiding the risk of scratches or scoring.


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