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News » Age and worsening vision. GLAUCOMA.

Age and worsening vision. GLAUCOMA.

Because the sight deteriorates with advancing years? Experts give advice on how to prevent and treat the most common vision problems. 1. have regular eye exams helps to diagnose and treat glaucoma problems. 2. Quitting smoking may lower the risk of macular degenerative pathy linked to aging. 3. Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of cataracts and relevant assistance. 4. All diabetics should undergo resonance of the retina for the verification of any retinopathies. About five million Italians suffer from more or less serious eye diseases, such as glaucoma. We interviewed an expert to get an update on the most common vision problems treatments. First we\'ll talk about glaucoma. THE glaucoma is caused by fluid that accumulates in the eye when the drainage channels are blocked (often caused dall\'avanzamento age). This creates pressure on the optic nerve. Early onset of the disease, the person will begin to complain of decreased vision, especially at the extremes of the visual field, which then degenerates into the "tunnel vision", to end up, in extreme cases the total loss of vision. If glaucoma is detected early by means of specific specialist examination, it can take up to five or six years before manifesting subject openly right through the loss of vision. About half a million Italians complain some percentage of vision loss caused by glaucoma. The majority of cases are diagnosed ophthalmologist but a good part escapes to the control of the specialist, especially when the problem is not caused by an abnormal pressure on the eye but rather by poor blood circulation. What are the risk factors of glaucoma? First genetic / family risks, then the appartenenenza to an ethnic group (blacks, Indians and Chinese people are most at risk). Finally, the major risk factor is undoubtedly the age. TREATMENT. Traditionally, glaucoma is treated with the administration of drops (one to four times a day) which reduce the accumulation of fluid in the eye, or they favor its sliding out of the eye. Unfortunately, the drops have side effects such as insomnia and impotence. A possible alternative to the daily drops is a laser treatment that, creating a tiny wound on the surface of the eye, which causes the white blood cells are "called" to repair the damage. These cells can, simultaneously, also unlock the channels that determine the increase of fluid pressure on the optic nerve.


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