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What is macular degeneration? And \'an eye disease characterized by loss of central vision and loss of ability to focus, for example, the details of the faces. Those suffering from this disease also difficulties in watching TV or reading, because the observed objects are distorted. All this is caused by damage to the macula, which is the point at the center of the retina (the sensitive cells located on the back of the eye). There are two types of macular degeneration: dry and wet. The dry is more slow to develop, and much more common. More difficult to treat and caused by a buildup of debris that form of deposits which then put out of position the macula. The cases instead of wet macular degeneration, which account for 10% of the total cases, are caused by tiny blood vessels grow under the retina and that sversano blood and fluids. The dry form can, at times, degenerate into the wet form. Risk factors: The SMOKE triples the risk of macular degeneration. Probably because the retina is damaged by free radicals contained in cigarette smoke. The UV rays and an unhealthy diet are other risk factors. The greatest risk, however, remains the age. In this case, the disease is called DMS (AMD). THE CURE. There is little that the patient can do apart absorb high doses of specific vitamins prescribed by the specialist, that slow the progression of the disease and can help to ensure that the dry form of degeneration does not turn into the wet form. In Britain they are doing experiments with a new type of drug (lampalizumad). It is injected into the eye, in order to hit the inflammation, and thus reduce the damage of retinal tissue. The first results of the experiment emerged would be encouraging since the lampalizumad would be responsible for a reduction in the progression of DM by 44%. One other new option currently in use in the United Kingdom at private clinics, the cost of 9750 pounds to the eye, consists in the replacement of the patient\'s eye\'s natural lens with two artificial lenses, one opposite the other. The system works roughly like a telescope that magnifies the image and projects it on a healthy area of ​​the retina that replaces the macula. The treatment involves an improvement of vision but in-depth studies on this technique have yet to be published:. Care DM moist instead is made by injecting into the blood vessels of the eye responsible for the spill, the coagulants which seal the vessels themselves. This treatment prevents worsening of the disease and, at times, it improves the condition. The patient will require from 4 to 8 injections per year for life.


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