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glasses in metal or plastic

The choice of frame to wear remains for many a difficult decision to make because the two different materials have completely different characteristics. Among the main differences we find, in the case of metal frames, the presence of the nibs as a support in the bridge area which can be annoying to most, since, l \'daily use can cause micro-abrasions, resulting in redness and pain. Often the cause of this drawback is mainly due to the weight of the lenses, especially in the case of high optical corrections. It would be appropriate in this case to adopt lenses higher refractive index (index 1.6, 1.67 or 1.74), which will significantly reduce the final weight of the eyeglasses, and therefore would give a softer its support in that area of ​​the nose, where the pressure of \'eyewear is more marked. Indeed, the metal glasses are very comfortable when using devices of this type, as hake, being adjustable, they can greatly improve the centering and eyewear\'s stability, ensuring a better view. The plastic glasses instead, having lugs (with few exceptions), have the great advantage of being extremely comfortable from the first fit, which is precisely light and unobtrusive. The disadvantage of these glasses is that they can not operate its own adjustments for the fact of not having adjustable nose pads. Even in the case of plastic frames the use of high index lenses still improves the stability of the eyeglasses (for those who have high optical corrections), the same as the weight of the lenses may slide and position lower than its correct centering. In the event of either the glasses slipping on the tip of the nose, you can intervene more bending the rods behind the ears making sure that the glasses remain in the correct position. We offer the Glance24 however the free trial service of the frames to all our customers (up to 3 at a time) to give the possibility to the customer to make a safe choice. We remind you that The HOME TEST service is completely free and does not involve any obligation to purchase. (NOTE : this service is available in Italy only).


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