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The majority of people suffer from some visual defect. From myopia to hyperopia astigmatism, cataract, conjunctivitis, and then to go "dry eye" that we talked about in previous articles. Each of these defects or visual problems has its own form of care. First of all, it would be advisable to undergo an eye examination at least once every two years, even better year in order to deal with any problems in the bud. Myopia and hyperopia are visual defects classified as refracted and are present where the shape of the eyeball is no longer able to focus objects on the retina. The normal length of the eyeball is 24mm. When even if only a longer we would in the presence of a problem of hyperopia (inability to focus on nearby objects millimeter). Despite the eye stops growing between 7 13 years of age, the view may worsen because, over time, the cornea becomes rigid and thinner and changes its curvature, thereby preventing the perfect focus. An increasing number of kids today develop myopia, probable cause is not exercising sufficiently the view of the long distances and outdoors because they spend too much time between four walls staring at computer monitors, TV etc. Hyperopia is when you find it difficult to focus on close objects. This defect is usually caused by a too short eyeball or a curve too the cornea that causes light rays are centered behind the retina. The ipemetropia tends to become more obvious with age. A third type of problem is the refractive astigmatism which occurs when the lens of the cornea is not perfectly spherical. Cause distorted or blurred vision and you can add both to the short-sightedness that the hyperopia. All of these refractive problems can be easily corrected with the use of glasses but today more and more people resort to the laser cure to restore the shape of the cornea so that the light focus perfectly on the retina, with the final aim to do without some glasses. In the UK are made, each year, about 100,000 corneal correction operations using laser. The first operation with the laser in Britain was made by Prof. David Garthy in 1989. The technology available 26 years fa\'era rather primitive but the basic principles are still the same, only more refined. With the system available 26 years ago that was soto the acronym PRK (photo-refractive keratectomy), the surgeon scraping the surface of the cornea (the epithelium) and then used the laser to reshape the shape of the exposed cornea. Unfortunately, the healing was slow and painful. Nowadays, 90% of the transactions made with the eye laser, is done with the system LASIK (laser-assited in situ keratomileusis). With this new system will use the laser to create a sort of window on the surface of the cornea, which by \'then access to the surgeon that reshapes the cornea always by means of a laser. This process is much less painful and invasive. E \'can even be operated both eyes on Saturday and be back to work on Monday. 90% of those requiring a laser surgery on their eyes are tired of short-sighted to wear glasses or contact lenses. About 5% of patients operated develops postoperative problems, not because of the serious causes but rather because they have to undergo the procedure again in order to perfect the result. A third of patients operated complain the problem "dry eye" (of eye lubrication shortages), for a few weeks or even months after the operation. This is however a problem that, in general, and with time, can be fixed by yourself. In one case per 3500 operations to LASIK there is risk of infection under the open window on the cornea. One other rare complication could be ectasia which is a weakening of the cornea caused by the laser which has removed too much material. Another rare complication includes a strong sensitivity to light and the presence of halos around lights at night. Finally, people at risk are those with very pronounced visual defects or large pupils.


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