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News » Make a correct use of eyeware.

Make a correct use of eyeware.

We receive from our UK correspondent and publish: In Britain, every year, around 400,000 people return from their optical with the complaints about the performance of their new glasses. It seems that some return to use their old glasses because they can not get used to the new ones. Dr. Daniel McCartney, British Association of Optometrists health care adviser, says that almost never is the fault optician when the patient can not see well with the new glasses. It takes hours or even days for the brain to get used to the new prescription. In some rare cases, the brain rejects the whole adaptation. E \'for this reason that if you plan to have or have had problems in the past with a change of prescription, should discuss with your optical habitual or with that of Glance24 on what your main need for vision. Talk to your optician and report what will be the main use of your new glasses, so that the glasses can be specifically designed. Use glasses for driving, often at night? Tell the optician who will ensure that your vision for the distant is optimal. Never be afraid to discuss with your optician all aspects regarding the optimal way to deal with your vision problems. We have the Glance24 an optical team ready to answer your questions during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Also remember that even the placement of your glasses on your face is important, as we have already spoken in previous articles that you will find by scrolling the titles on this site. The upper end of your mount should never "sit" highest of your eyebrows, while the lower part of the frame should never lean on your cheeks. Finally. All opticians, including those online as Glance24 optical, should be held responsible for the proper performance of ordered lenses and where such measures will be incorrect, it would be their duty belittling free. If you can not get used to your new prescription, although the lenses are carried out in a workmanlike manner and according to the prescription, you can not allocate the blame to the optician and it will be difficult to get a refund.


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