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News » EARTH 2.0 twin planet of Earth 1.0

EARTH 2.0 twin planet of Earth 1.0

NASA declares triumphantly, as they always do (they are... American ...), we have discovered an elderly cousin of our planet which is 6 billion years old. In other words, 0.5 billion years older than our Earth that was "born" 5.5 billion years ago \'(a year more or less). So now, during these hot days of late July 2015, the usual debates and endless chatter of the usual spin doctors TV on tax issues, immigration, legalization of homosexual unions and economic problems of Greece, joins the topic Earth 2.0 or better planet Kepler-452b, as it was called. This planet, which is located at 1400 light years away from Earth, discovered with the aid of the space telescope Kepler, seems to have many characteristics similar to those of Earth type: temperature, distance from its sun, rotation time around its sun , etc.etc., so, NASA and some other scientist, journalist, and sales representative were quick to say that in this universe "we are not alone" as about 2.0 Earth could exist life. The home of Voghera, just learned from the news that was discovered another planet sighed with relief. His reasoning was that if one of these days the Earth became uninhabitable because illegal migrants are too numerous to feel safe, you could transfer mass of the Earth 2.0. Halt! Dear housewife Voghera. First of all it is said that there is 2.0 of Earth life or climatic conditions suitable to support it. The measurement errors of the parameters detected by the Kepler telescope may be relevant and, perhaps, in a few months or years, redoing the math, you will find that life on Earth 2.0 just is not there. Then, even if with a good dose of enthusiasm and imagination that the conditions for life on this distant planet there are, we should determine what level of life we\'re talking about. We are at the level of life of unicellular animals? Or are we to the level it was in our land in the period, say the Mesozoic, when the earth roamed hordes of herbivorous dinosaurs, carnivorous, winged and not? What would we do, we go on Earth 2.0 fully armed to "wipe out" the ugly monsters like in a Spielberg movie and then we placed our beautiful prefabricated homes already equipped with toilet and air conditioning? Unlikely it? Finally, another aspect is not negligible is that the Earth is 2.0 to 1400 light-years away. It means that, assuming that we poor mortals, they would build a spaceship capable of traveling at the speed of light, which is almost 300,000 km / second, in any case we take us 1,400 years to get the new planet. So, dear home of Voghera, better than diligently to continue to make the collection of your garbage and try not to consume too many resources of our planet already squandered. This poor Earth is the only home we have and will never have, over the Earth, we finished. For years scientists repeat to us that it is likely that somewhere in the universe there is life as we conceive it is also likely that we will not ever meet. Let\'s face it and go back to deal with taxes, immigration and so on.


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