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News » Is intelligence a matter of logic?

Is intelligence a matter of logic?

What is intelligence? Today psychologists admit that there is no single intelligence, but most forms, first of all the linguistic and logical-mathematical one. A third type, the emotional, ie the ability to be aware of their own emotions and those of others, was theorized by psychologist Daniel Goleman in the nineties. That there is obvious, but not everyone agrees on how and when to evaluate it. In fact, psychologists, however, continue to measure the intellect concentrating more quantifiable appearance: the convergent logical thinking, or the ability to put together information to solve a problem that has only one correct answer. The Cattell test, Wechsler or Raven\'s matrices measure this ability to change with age, and then the score, by itself, does not say how smart we are compared to the average of peers. To know you have to apply a formula introduced by psychologist David Wechsler in 1939. If I take 148 to Cattell test, and 110 is the average score of my peers, my IQ is (148/110) x 100 = 134. A quotient of 115 and 129 corresponds to "brilliant", between 130 and 144 "gifted", between 145 and 159 "very gifted" and more than 160 (the IQ of Einstein) "exceptionally gifted." Having a high IQ seems to give still an advantage in life: studies summarizing the last hundred years, Frank Schmidt and John Hunter saw that IQ seems the most important success factor in learning a job. A 2001 study in the British Medical Journal suggests a correlation between IQ and longevity, as if a good IQ allow it to make better decisions about their health. Even though the IQ has its critics, especially among those who observe the brain with the neuroscience perspective. According to a study published in 2014 in Neuron by the University of Western Ontario, the intelligence components are multiple, each corresponds to a dedicated circuit brain and intelligence emerges from complex interactions between these circuits. And \'therefore virtually impossible to measure it.


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