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News » Eyeglasses for children and teenagers.

Eyeglasses for children and teenagers.

Humans receive 80% of their perceptions through their sight, from that, it follows, it is very important that this is maintained in optimal conditions. Children are no exception, and the boys of whom we should always be concerned that their vision is good and clear. When should you take your first eye exam? Pediatricians inform that it is never too early to check eye health of our children. While it is relatively simple, by parents, noticing if the child has difficulty walking or becomes incapacitated in the word, realizing that your child sees evil is not always so obvious. Usually the parents or the teacher notice the diminished view of the child only when it is already heavily reduced. The perception of the objects to be part of a child is different from that of an adult. If an adult, at some point in his life he realizes not see as well as they could see a time, he will be able to communicate that it may have a vision problem that must be corrected, or with the help of corrective lenses or with interventions eye depending of the case that will be established. The child, unfortunately, often do not realize you see objects in out of focus so. That\'s why we emphasize that the visit to an ophthalmologist is to be recommended, since before the defect is diagnosed, the better the chances of being able to correct this defect. Many pediatricians recommend a visit of the eyes of the newborn to 10 days after birth, especially for those infants who are born prematurely. Often born prematurely suffer from vision problems due to a slower growth period of the past in the womb. Eye exams in very young infants and children, is carried out through a procedure that goes by the name of measuring visual schiascopica of insight. The doctor applies a drop of a derivative of atropine in the eye of the infant or child. The drops dilate the pupil and prevent the eye to adapt to bring up sharply on the retina objects at different distances. This allows the doctor to accurately determine any visual defects. Once established that the visual defect is present and the nature of it, they may be prescribed corrective lenses or even contact lenses. Today it is possible to make glasses for very young children, in certain cases, even tailored to the faces minutes. It would be good practice by parents, do check out the view of their children at least once a year and report to the specialist if they detect behavior outside the norm, which the frequent rubbing of the eyes, lack of eye contact from infant , strabismus, and, in the cases of children who go to school, when holding the paper too close to the face or fail to see what the teacher writes on the blackboard. These are all warning signs that should convince the parent responsible to not postpone the visit an ophthalmologist.


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