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News » How to choose the most suitable glasses for your face.

How to choose the most suitable glasses for your face.

In the past, to wear glasses was considered unfashionable, some lived experience of myopia and / or presbyopia as a real nightmare. Today, by contrast, eyeware have become such a trend that some decide to wear a pair without even needing them. Look for the vast and diverse range of models available on the market - the offer is so wide as to disorient - either for aesthetic sophistication that accompanies the finish, the glasses are one of the most fashionable accessory of the moment. But, at this point, placed the existence of so and so many models, how to choose the most suitable and, more generally, what is better able to enhance the facial features of his face? The choice should be conducted carefully. Youths at this point some practical measures that will be a good idea to observe. 1. Frame of glasses and shape of the face The glasses they wear, and, precisely because this is so, are expertly tailored to your body. Focus on the choice of a pair of glasses that will harmonize your face is a must if you want good results in terms of aesthetic pleasantness. The features of the face change from subject to subject and form of a pair of glasses can really make a difference in terms of look. Who has a face rather round glasses should be favored by the rectangular shape, even better with high temples, avoiding small glasses and, even worse, round: these types, in fact, will only accentuate the roundness of the face. Those who have a rather square face, with prominent jaws, will do well to use glasses with soft shapes, such as, for example, the ones to drop. And for all those who have a long face the best solution is represented by round glasses, however, to avoid excessively large ones. 2. Skin and hair: the glasses from the complementary color Probably it seems absurd, but also the choice of the color of the glasses must be weighted very carefully: the ideal would be that it goes in tune with that of the skin. Yeah, because the complexion usually varies from person to person, being able to take hot or cold tones: in the first case it would be better to opt for a frame with shades in yellow, in the second case it would be wiser to prefer frames from blue or pink. Same goes for the hair color: light-haired individuals do well to choose glasses with a gold frame, red, orange or brown, while for those haired blacks, excellent result in terms of look you get from wearing a pair of glasses silver or blue frame. 3. eyeglass frames: a lot depends on the lifestyle The yield of the glasses in terms of aesthetic appeal is one of the first thoughts that accompanies the choice. This is crucial, of course, but what can not be overlooked is undoubtedly also the functional aspect. The glasses are made today keeping in mind a very specific goal: to promote the convenience. Practicality and functionality, these are the watchwords. There are super lightweight glasses, such as polycarbonate, which barely peek in our face in terms of visibility and consistency. But not always the size of the glasses is well suited to the needs of all: a lot depends on the lifestyle. A subject that a lot of sports practice, even outdoors, is unlikely to find adequate response to their needs with a pair of glasses in metal extra-slim. As can be understood, not all glasses are suitable for everyone. There "eyewear" universally perfect, it would be absurd if it were so. So it will be good to make a personalized choice to the specific case that points to reconcile functionality and beauty. The choice is vast, it just has to take advantage.


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