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News » 4 factors which should not be overlooked when selecting eyeglass frames for children

4 factors which should not be overlooked when selecting eyeglass frames for children

The worst mistake you can make when selecting the frames of spectacles for children is to underestimate its importance. Children soon will grow up and will change their visual efficiency, so why worry so much when, in short, the glasses will be used for a short time? This consideration is absolutely wrong: favoring a medical-scientific approach eyeglass frames can really make the difference between a good and a future vision degenerative. The frames must be able to meet the main needs of children both in terms of comfort and aesthetic. The choice must therefore be conducted with extreme care: it should find the right balance between the child\'s specific needs, the medical aspect and aesthetics. Company not entirely simple, right? The expectations of us parents then are no less relevant and are also a burden on the choice of glasses "perfect." However, there are aspects that can not be neglected in the choice of the frames that best meet the needs of our children. Let\'s discover together with someone. 1. Light weight and flexibility If the metal frames respond perfectly to the needs of us adults, the same is not true for our children. Unless they are already grown-ups, a titanium frame, albeit lightweight and hypoallergenic, is ill-suited for use by children. There are also very flexible and light materials on the market, able to better meet the needs of the latter. 2. Strength of Materials Nowadays to find a material that is lightweight yet robust weather is not utopia: there are some, such as acetate, and others even unconventional, really proof ... baby. Scratches and bumps here against what the frames in this case are called to resist. It is well understood that the choice of a material rather than another can make a real difference in terms of duration of a pair of glasses. 3. Comfort We must never forget that the primary activity performed by children, especially little ones, is represented by the game. The frames should be preferred, therefore, be comfortable, children should be able to wear their glasses without even realizing them. They must fit perfectly to the face. A tip: do not dwell your attention only on the front of the glasses. Also check rather the appearance and versatility of the rods and lugs. 4. Aesthetical appearance Well, the choice of frames, on a purely aesthetic level, can really transform the look of our children. The austere look is not typical of a child, so we avoid buying too serious glasses. The first rule would always be the one to favor above all the child\'s tastes: he\'ll have to wear the glasses, who will have to be at ease, why not, even amused by this experience that could prove magical and exciting for him. According to some recent statistics one in five children about needs eyeglasses. Each child must live with the impact in a positive way glasses, from all points of view, both visual and aesthetic. We always put this need in the first place when buying new frames for our children, for sunglasses or eyeglasses they are.


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