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News » Eyeware frames: trends for next autumn / winter season

Eyeware frames: trends for next autumn / winter season

There are many people who scour the web pages in the incessant search of rumors and forecasts of the spectacle frame that will do more in the now very fashionable next season autumn / winter. The eyewear becomes indispensable accessory to, an object of appeal that ends, for some, to identify their personality, their faces, their facial features. There is no season that is not marked by the pleasant design of new models, and that the gates will not be back for sure. The powerful production of a peculiar and whole new type of spectacle frame is doing already talked about and is already echoed in the ranks of lovers of these accessories that have become part of everyday life in an indissoluble and permanent. Curiosity is the host ... and not just in the fairer sex. What will be the most fashionable eyeglass frame models for next season? Let us not leave this outstanding question. softer lines: the stylized models out of the ordinary If the square frame glasses model has made the boss for several years now, shortly we will see how this type will in the coming months to decline gradually towards softer shapes. Extraordinary butterfly lines evoke the fabulous models in vogue in the 70\'s. Absolutely trend will also be the colors: the marble effect and turtle will be the most unique players in the market of eyeglasses and sunglasses Autumn / Winter 2015. These models will be offered in various, different and interesting types of spectacle frame by bold lines that are expected to be more carefully revised and embellished with absolutely unusual colors. Return the glasses round? Vintage is today synonymous with success in every aspect of our daily lives -From clothes to mobilia- this style is the boundary between the modern and the ancient. And, let\'s face it, he does it with style. The gigantic glasses John Lennon seems exhumed: renovated in materials and functionality, round glasses frame will be the undisputed star of the windows of the large optical stores in the months to follow. There will also remarkable forms, capable of covering eyebrows -a good choice of good style and taste for many men-and a good part of the cheeks. Head and dark brown and honey: these will be the most characteristics of the models variants intended to mark the market for eyeglasses and sunglasses in the cold season. Delight for all those who already regret the use of sunglasses and you can counter and unexpectedly also indulge in less sunny season. Well, that\'s what it seems in store for the fashion of the spectacle frame for the forthcoming autumn / winter season. It is absolutely reliable forecasts drawing inspiration from these models presented at Fashion Week Milan Fashion Week 2015/2016 season. For all those that do not love these retro trends, do not worry: the square models will always remain alive. If you wish, you will see embellished with stones and jewels, so pander to the tastes of everyone, even the most reluctant to changes in style.


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