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News » 3 valuable advices for the best use of varifocal lenses

3 valuable advices for the best use of varifocal lenses

Sharp vision, absolutely comfortable both near and far with one lens: progressive lenses represent the ultimate for lovers of all in one glasses. An extraordinary result in optics technology that responds fully to the personal parameters of the person wearing eyeglasses with a desire not to change it all the time, for example, in the transition from the time of reading or when playing sports. A pocket solution that saves a lot \'of space in the bags of women and men in the pockets! But how do we optimize the use of these progressive lenses? And, again, how to render speedy adaptation? Some changes will be extremely useful in order, let\'s know together. 1. Continuity of use Unlike most common orientation that identifies occasional use of these lenses a viable adaptation strategy, progressive lenses are used since their purchase all day ... every day. Only in this way you will be able to quickly avoid those possible adjustment problems that glasses of this magnitude could lead to the one who uses it daily. So no use "to pills" of progressive lenses, which can use this even be harmful, as well as, of course, counterproductive. 2. Progressive lenses: first choice One who suffers from presbyopia will find a valuable ally in the progressive lenses for vision correction without having to cater to twirl different glasses on his face: it is an advantage of no small importance which can be exploited at 100% opting for lenses progressive from the beginning, that is, as soon as they established the first symptoms of presbyopia. The adaptation of the eyes, in this case, will take place in an absolutely natural and sight correction by the progressive lenses will take place in a mild manner. 3. focal length and posture A device extremely useful to take into account in the case in which are used the progressive lenses for the first time is represented by the relation of a given posture, as well as from the right framing of the object to be observed. For those who ran into some difficulty adjusting may be advantageous to try to aim the object you wish to observe pulling a trajectory from the tip of their nose or by moving their head in the vertical direction so as to focus on what you want to see. We must always keep in mind how important it is, for a correct distance vision, posture, while closely you have to lift your head to get a good focus, however, still keeping his eyes. The advice, not least, it feels to give, however, is always to turn to serious professionals. An accurate, personalized and timetabled eye test is crucial for perfect progressive lenses. And a meticulous control of each eye \'need to make as well as the entire binocular vision to determine the necessary power of the lenses. Since this type of control can not be ignored to purchase progressive lenses, a fitting, therefore no self-medication.


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