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News » eyeglasses models: it\'s all down to the individual taste.

eyeglasses models: it's all down to the individual taste.

Eyeglasses are much more than a mere accessory. A purse, a wallet, come and go, if I may say, while glasses are meant to stay on your face several hours of your day. What, in particular, of the models of glasses to view: they characterize markedly and unavoidable our face conferring to it one or the other aspect, depending on the type. Glasses speak of us, of our personality, of our character, talk about the way we see others and ourselves, we speak of our lives. This is one of the reasons why we invest so much time in its choice. They are well aware of those who, although impatient by nature, takes 10 minutes to fill the supermarket trolley and 4 hours, however, in optical stores once called to "tackle" the arduous, titanic choice of models of glasses from view. Yeah, because, seriously, if it is true that there is a pair of glasses for each character the choice is really hard. That\'s right, a pair of glasses for each character. But what are they? Subjects extroverted and creative: glasses always fashionable For individuals extroverted and sociable is almost an understatement to speak of the glasses, in the singular. Indeed, the vision models of glasses to wear would never be enough: they could afford would wear a pair of glasses a day, why not matched to your dress. \'Difficult for a very cheerful person, the kind that seem to never be affected by, albeit occasional, heaviness of existence, go to wear dark glasses. Color, here is the watchword ... and this applies not only to the frame, but also for the lenses. Subjects solitary and introverted: more squared glasses The eyewear is intended for some in a strictly related to its functionality: sunglasses sober view models, which serve only to see, stop, here is everything you need to solitary types little inclined to socialize. The eyewear to 99% more closed personality will be chosen from these squared, with transparent lenses and frames from the dark color or metal. It is a choice of moderate style, disinclined to follow the fashion, however, on closer inspection, though stylish are those glasses, since their presence lies undisturbed on the market for years and years ago. Who would dare to eradicate it, and therefore green light to reinterpretations, always calm, even these models, always current. Business and professional category: the glasses that makes the difference And here we come to draw the most suitable model of the glasses to a category of persons for which, in most cases, the glasses really makes a difference in terms of look and, why not, successful career. The vision models of glasses for lawyers, business owners, notaries, doctors and accountants end up being symptomatic and representative of their professionalism. There is hardly to do with a doctor from the red frame in front of the fire or the owner of a large company of computer software by round glasses with colored lenses. Mind you, it is all a matter of personal taste. And you, what kind of glasses do you like?


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