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News » Perfect makeup for those who wear eyeglasses

Perfect makeup for those who wear eyeglasses

If once apon a time wearing eyeglasses was considered little fashionable, now things are very different. Essential accessory, conceived by many also extremely fashionable prescription eyeglasses, for some, may even represent a potential tool of seduction. Colors, shapes, material, everything can help create an extraordinary effect from the point of view of design: the eyeglasses, together with a suitable make-up, is really able to enhance the facial features of the face and the charm of the look . Lens color then may prove decisive. But we know in detail those little touches that can determine the success in terms of beauty and charm to every woman. eyeshadow choice: eye colors There is no woman, no matter how reluctant to make up, that does not have an eye shadow in your beauty case. And when you wear eyeglass frames from the first view action that takes place in the morning, just washed his face, is that of passing a thin layer of eye shadow on the eyes. For those who wear glasses the watchword is lightness. An eye shadow by too vivid or dark colors could create the opposite effect to that desired and disguise, rather than enhance, the light of his eyes. It is in soft colors like cream, pink and lilac, become clearer. dark shades are permissible, but only if the lenses are not small in size. Lipstick: green light to more decisive tones And here is the area of ​​our face where you can leave room for imagination: there are lipsticks of all colors, which can be well adapted to all types of frames of eyeglasses. In this case the choice can be made taking into account the personal taste because, let\'s face it, the glance that arouses a fuchsia lipstick on her lips in every way equal to that of the frame is inevitable ... and welcome. For all women who instead aim to bring out their glasses, meticulously chosen in order to appear trend, a nude lipstick, from light pink or peach tones, will be the winner in order to bring out the glasses rather than the face. More volume to the eyes One of the longstanding problems-if we may use the definirle- related to the use of eyeglasses is represented, for women, by more or less significant reduction of the volume of their eyes. Mind you, no glasses can in and of itself to actually reduce the size, but it is true that large frames of eyeglasses, can crowd out the eyes. This should not affect the choice of glasses, because with the eyeliner the result can go beyond their expectations. Mixed blessing for many women who sometimes fail to use it as they would like, this little make-up tool is capable, especially if placed in the inner rim of the eye, to ensure outstanding results. If you have decided to invest a bit \'of time in the development of a makeup ad hoc advice is to choose a frame of eyeglasses on which are affixed to the anti-reflective lenses: the latter fact, by virtue of their absolute transparency, They will allow you to admire your look without any opacity. And \'the least you could wish for once you get a dizzying look!


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