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News » From Luxottica to Eataly via Renzi.

From Luxottica to Eataly via Renzi.

Eataly Oscar Farinetti leaves: " I fire myself" Executive Chairman will be Mr. Guerra (former Luxottica). Oscar Farinetti, 61, leaves Eataly in the hands of the new Executive Chairman Andrea Guerra, the manager who has worked for Matteo Renzi at Palazzo Chigi and is now back in private. "I fire myself" I will not become one of those old entrepreneurs attached to the company, said the daily La Stampa. At the head of the company, under the guidance of War, Farinetti chose as CEOs of the two sons of 30 and 35, and Luke Baffigo, a 40 years manager. "Eataly is a company that is well and surely Andrea (War, ed) will go even better. But the main reason I will be with us is to guide the children who are there today, very good, but you will learn with him yet". Farinetti, which has just opened a branch in Eataly Sao Paulo and Seoul, announces his upcoming projects: I prefer relationships with people. Now I will give a hand to two Eataly projects: Expo, which ends in a month, and then I\'ll Fico Eataly World, the largest theme park dedicated to the world of food that will open in Bologna. And apart from that my new business venture will be Green Pea, always active in the retail, which will start in Turin, beside the first Eataly ". The newspaper La Repubblica, Andrea Guerra explains embarrassment of not having to leave the office at Palazzo Chigi only a few hours before starting to work for Eataly: "I do not see what the problem is, I know Farinetti the late 90s, when head of Merloni was treating with him to supply the appliances Unieuro group. It has always been beautiful negotiations ". War announces that "I do not see how anyone could not grow fast towards the turnover billion." "The Exchange Project exists and all members are convinced that it is an important step for the growth of the company. That all this happens in 2017 or 2018 is still early to say but do not go over." The manager, however, claims that he bought shares of Eataly, as it happened to the Luxottica: "It has opted for a stock grant package, so that the achievement of certain results become shareholder with 3% of the capital".


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