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News » 4 tricks to keep your eyeware frame as good as new.

4 tricks to keep your eyeware frame as good as new.

Stains, scratches, discoloration, loose arms: These are some of the performance loss, occurring to our beloved and expensive frame eyeglasses. It may seem trivial, yet proper eyewear use, together with the use of certain measures, it can really turn out to be propitious to preserve our optical frame over the years. Let\'s find out these little tricks. 1. Proper daily use: to ban the bad habits How many times will happen to each of us to have pushed up his nose our glasses? An act that completely natural and spontaneous that, however, could weaken the lugs and the central part of the frame eyeglasses, especially if metal and, if colored, damage the enamel there. The correct gesture consists rather in shifting the frame towards the ears with both hands gripping it from the auctions. Another bad habit by banning: wear glasses on the head. In addition to easing the frame, forced to fit precisely on the head, this gesture the potential of causing a serious danger because the glasses could inadvertently fall to the ground. Finally: We never thought about how much can damage the functionality of our eyeglasses frame to extract the gesture with one hand from our face? 2. Proper cleaning glasses The dirt, of any nature is, that is deposited on the lenses, not only represents a serious interference to vision, but rather a real threat to the integrity of the latter. It provides for the cleaning of the same, with meticulous attention, and it is good: but how many reserve the same care for the cleanliness of its rimmed eyeglasses? You forget it, much of the lenses, it is inevitable aims dirt, because in close contact with the skin. Species auctions, should be thoroughly cleaned, it is not uncommon fact that on them may settle the sweat our skin radiates in a totally natural. To do this, just use mild soap and lukewarm water, and, without using sponges but with only the use of the hands, or at least using a brush with soft bristles, provide for the removal of dirt. After rinsing with water dry with a soft cotton cloth or chamois. 3. Glasses protected and safe from the heat Everyone, as standard practice, we know we have to use the housing. It is an old trick as the world, certainly obvious, but not for everyone. Did you know that they are to avoid the housings clutches? The best are rigid, that open and close. Attention even at temperatures at which our eyeglasses frame is unwillingly subjected: in spite of our beliefs, even frames and more resistant lenses are perishable in the presence of high temperatures. extreme temperature changes then they can cause fractures of our frame: the fact that he had invested for her a large sum of money we should not reasonably lead one to believe that they have in our possession an absolutely unbreakable glasses. 4. Immersion control with ultrasound Here we are in quell\'accorgimento that probably few know: the immersion control with ultrasound. The terminology itself tricky, would she imagine a gigantic action by the unsustainable costs, the result of a technology that invests even the optics sector. Well, it is not about any of this. It is a simple complementary cleaning to what we are accustomed to perform every day of our lenses and our frame eyeglasses. An intensive cleaning service made by means of ultrasound that many optics are now able to offer. And \'an intervention that takes a few minutes, gives a new look to any type of glasses and the cost is generally very low. So just very little. These are small simple cures that, if performed in the correct form and in the right cadence, although they can not ensure the survival of our eternal rimmed eyeglasses, however, may keep it in excellent condition ... at least until the next exam.


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