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News » Last generation glasses: these are the three models that will change our lives

Last generation glasses: these are the three models that will change our lives

As we well know, in every field of our existence, new production processes relating to new technology have revolutionized the quality standard of our lives. Eyewear, eyeglasses or sunglasses may be, could not stay behind being unavoidable accessory of our daily life. Lenses, you know, significantly improve the quality of our lives, otherwise, we would not have a real comparison with everything that surrounds us. And since this is so, there are pleasing news, more or less revolutionary in this area, which work in our favor. But, how do we choose the glasses more responsive to our needs, in the presence of so much to choose from today? The first step is represented by the knowledge of the new products of technology applied to the viewing experience. So well is the exhibition of the latest generation of eyewear models in fashion at the moment. 1. Sunglasses with polarized lenses and integrated MP3 player For anyone, young and old, do not miss a chance to chase the latest products of the latest technology, will certainly be pleased to know that today is a unique pair of sunglasses on the market: it is the brand new sun glasses with lenses polarized and integrated MP3 player, high-definition and elegant jewel in which the aesthetic refinement is seen combined with the typical hi tech features. An outstanding gadgets of high precision, although not widespread, short roots take root in the public, always wider, the latest generation of products lovers. How not to share the choice ... 2. Progressive lenses for large reading areas There are many who have not taken too long to get hold of a pair of glasses from progressive lenses, the ideal solution for those who want to experience this una\'ottima vision at all distances without having to constantly change glasses depending on the distance between the focal point and his own eyes. But not everyone knows that the multifocal spectacle lenses can be of different types: photochromic, or shatterproof glass, with long channel, short, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, up to custom latest generation lenses with very large areas for reading. The finish of these lenses sifts a completely new instrument, the picture centering, known for its ability to detect with a margin of error which approximates to zero the precise physiological parameters of each individual. The result? Eyewear multifocal and progressive success and satisfaction rates of 97% by the recipient public. 3. ophthalmic lenses: technology at the service of our sight And here is significant alternation technical innovations in the field of correction of visual problems and well-being of our eyes in the head by the glasses of last generation ophthalmic lenses is aspherical, ie fixed focus, and dynamic, MPs, as you know, to work in the presence of peculiar and subjective visual conditions. What changes is especially the way in which they are now designed and implemented the antireflection coating, water-repellent and hardener, to which these lenses are subjected. The technology has come to allow clearer vision in all conditions, greatly simplifying the cleaning of the lens of each type of the glasses, with surprising results. Never as in this period is highly topical the need to grow, improve medical, building technology. The answers are reaching, finally, and even exponentially, beyond our reasonable forecast. It \'time to welcome them and make them our praise because they remain clinging to the legacies of the past, let\'s face it, is not always beneficial when it goes to the detriment of new and high-performance results for us consumers.


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