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News » Ladies eyeware: changes in fashion from the \'60s to the present day

Ladies eyeware: changes in fashion from the '60s to the present day

During the \'60s there were the butterfly glasses, in autumn colors; those same ladies eyewear are today presented again in shop\'s windows and online catalogs. Everything comes back into fashion: it is a motto as old as the world and nevertheless real. That \'s right, as if by magic, here is the old -if so we can definirli- of the glasses women models a comeback with absolute arrogance, one dictated by the great appreciation that these models have had yesterday and continue today to collect. Yes, because fashion is marked by the time and at every age is up her glasses. For those who wish to rediscover the models, here\'s a rundown of the entire vintage women\'s eyewear that have occurred over time. Glasses 60s: the round glasses for excellence It is precisely the \'60s to have given birth to by round glasses woman par excellence: all the most popular styles today derive precisely from these magical year round lenses, which, initially conceived as a small and perfectly circular, have gradually assumed more dimensions great. And the round eyeglasses charm seems destined to remain crystallized in time, it is no coincidence that the women\'s eyewear of the moment brings with it these forms. 70: start of the first "squaring" If the women\'s eyewear par excellence in the \'60s were characterized by rounded shapes, things have begun to change significantly as early as the early 70s. Here in time the lenses become a bit \'more squared, while the round glasses see their slow increase dramatically in size. If in the 60\'s a place of privilege was given to the frame, thick, super colorful and massive, in this decade they are discovered eyeglass frames from superlight woman, barely visible, but woe to zoom out the lens! For what it was not until a couple of decades. All in good time, they say, truth is never been more supported as in the women\'s eyewear sector, there where fashion has always made by the mistress. 80s: the glasses of films And here we come to those who, presumably, are the golden years of women\'s sunglasses. Models destined to remain etched in films, celebrated in the most famous spots in many still etched in the memories. Hard to forget the classic women\'s eyewear Lens Ray Ban the mirror, the more difficult because now become the most popular of our Summer 2015. And as to omit from the list of the most popular models of those years the "aviator sunglasses", oh yes, because the common denominator of these years has been characterized by the steadfast will to copy the glasses worn by the greatest TV characters of \' era. 90s: the boom of small lenses and squared And here are the lenses with rounded and large forms, typical of the \'60s and part of the 70s, leaving space in the unforgettable\' 90s, to those small and rectangular: these are the same lenses that underlie Sunglasses women\'s day today very much in use. Professional, fine and linear, seem to want to set aside, at least for a decade, hippie style, revolutionary, which featured models of the setbacks. Glasses in these years were the more trend as were squared and inconspicuous. These are the years in which women won their primacy in the public and private offices and women\'s eyewear carry the inescapable sign of this trend here is that the casual gives way to the elegance and refinement. And what about the women\'s eyewear today? The trend is there for all to see: the triumph supergiants glasses, much appreciated those Ray Ban drip with mirrored lenses, beautiful to the "tortoise frames and unmissable" ... and when you talk of turtle not only refers to the characteristic combination of colors, but also to form, atypical compared to the other. The casual style gives way to retro and behold return to the scene models of our mothers, the same ones that dot the beloved film in black and white, because fashion is a wheel ... the important thing is never to stay out!


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