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News » Choice of eyeglasses lenses: Here are the facts that you must consider

Choice of eyeglasses lenses: Here are the facts that you must consider

If the choice of the frame for the eyeglasses proves complicated, the same thing does not seem to apply, to the prescription lenses. Our attention, during the purchase, is all directed to frames, forgetting that, important as they are, they perform the role of supporting the lenses, while it is precisely the latter that allow us to see well the world around us. Very often this choice is referred totally to the optician, who will only , give us an overall summary of the characteristics of eyeglass lenses that he intends to mount in the frame of your choice. However, wouldn\'t it be much more preferable to be better informed ourselves,in the first place? To be aware of the characteristics of our prescription lenses? The question is of course rhetorical, because surely all that relates to our health and how it affects us, is worthy of knowledge. Here we review the main types of lenses divided by material, and refractive coatings. Materials Mineral, organic, polycarbonate and trivex ... we could never imagine that lenses could be made with these materials? For those who require from their vision lenses the maximum resistance, the choice must fall on polycarbonate lenses, while those who prefer to enjoy vision lenses very transparent and able to ensure a high quality of vision will be good to prefer the organic lens. The glass lenses, however, must be the undisputed choice for those who want to get very high refractive indices and, finally, the spectacle lenses trivex, very popular in recent times, provide excellent protection against UV rays, keeping a lightweight and durable appearance, thanks to their strength, lightness and extraordinary quality from the optical point of view. treatments And let us now look at the main treatments that prescription lenses can suffer from time to time depending on the buyer\'s needs and preferences. How Not to mention, first of all, the anti-reflective coating, able to avoid the shadow effect caused by light rays. Thanks to it, the observers did not perceive any reflection and vision that comes to the benefit of the wearer is absolutely clear, flawless. And what about photochromic lenses? Also they represent the product of a special treatment which the spectacle lenses can be subjected. Who, then, has never before found a magic lens, which darkens or lightens depending on whether or not to stop on their own? Here, in this case we found ourselves in front of photochromic lenses. And for those who have to bore the engraftment of dirt and water drops on the lenses, here is a special innovative treatment named after perhaps a bit \'funny: we are talking of the hydrophobic treatment ... no allusion to those who do not tolerate the presence of bodies strangers on their glasses! refractions When speaking of refraction is good to step back and leave room for the optician skills. Indeed, the index of refraction of spectacle lenses, already difficult to explain, we imagine to choose from, it is influenced by a number of factors that contribute to each other: the frame, the needs of the wearer and type of visual defect tied orient the choice of one or the refractive index. Certainly it is important that the choice of the index of refraction of spectacle lenses is also oriented according to the budget of the one who is called to wear them if it is true that the higher the refractive index, the better is the \' aesthetic appearance of the lens, it is equally true that in this case the soaring costs significantly. The knowledge of all these elements plays an essential role in the choice of lenses to view more responsive to their needs. Do not forget, however, that both the consumer does not exempt from the need to rely on the optician\'s advice and, even more so, than those of the eye doctor, called to consider before anything else, eye health, because, let us not forget , eyeglasses are designed and conceived precisely in the latter service.


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