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News » Polarized lenses: these are the reasons why they are so recommended by opticians

Polarized lenses: these are the reasons why they are so recommended by opticians

It is no exaggeration to say that polarized lenses can make, life easier for the wearer. While the choice is always assigned to the consumers, there are many opticians that, in recent years, recommend its use to all those who suffer the classical drawbacks of the sunlight. In fact, a too bright sunlight may cause damages to the eyes. Even the effects of light and shadow, could cause discomfort to our eyes. Polarized lenses are, in the light of this, the best way to give stability and homogeneity to the eye, even in the presence of a very changing landscape, which can present itself when, for instance driving a motorcar. Let\'s see, in detail, the reasons why which, in fact, polarized lenses are as recommended by opticians. 1. Polarized lenses sunglasses lenses = The optical always recommend, for obvious reasons, the use of sunglasses. A closer look, however, there is a case where purchase them if they can do without: those who wear polarized lenses can safely avoid the purchase of sunglasses, because the first act perfectly as a protective filter from the rays UV. As well known to all by now, the sun\'s rays can be very harmful to our eyes, it is precisely for this reason that we have thought of a lens from the high filtration properties and materials designed to ensure total protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays . It is precisely the features that are typical of polarized lenses, so recommended by opticians. 2. Polarized lenses = ideal for driving or for those who work outside Anyone who spends a lot of time at the wheel of a vehicle, for business or for pleasure, is well aware of all the disadvantages that the sunlight can engender on their glasses: reverb, typical mirror images of light when it goes to be reflected on surfaces such as wet roads or metal surfaces. The result? A great visual fatigue borne Eye, forced to continually adapt to different lighting conditions. The problem is even more pronounced for those who often work outside and also for dynamic people, who spend many hours outdoors or who habitually practice sport, as well as for all subjects from the eyes very photosensitive. For all these individuals opticians recommend polarized lenses, just as capable of inhibiting such contrasts of light, giving an optimal visual comfort. 3. Improved definition and excellent color perception The ability of the polarized lenses to defend our view is not the only one, as admirable, characteristic for which the optical recommend polarized lenses. In fact, thanks to their polarizing filter, it is granted only to light rays that help to ensure sharp vision to reach the eye, while improving the perception of the different colors. Always through the use of polarized lenses you can say goodbye to that effect faded or fogged, which usually occur at certain times of the day and in the presence of given weather conditions. Polarized lenses are therefore the number one solution for all those who hate reverbs and dazzling, as capable of ensuring a clear and safe vision while ensuring adequate protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays ... what do you want?


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