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News » Men with eyeglasses: here is why men with glasses are the most fascinating

Men with eyeglasses: here is why men with glasses are the most fascinating

There are still men who persist in believing that wearing glasses represent a point against them in terms of sex appeal. In fact, data in hand, it is proven that, if you aim to appear more attractive, it will be good to put aside the hatred of glasses and put in the drawer contact lenses, especially wearing them arouses discomfort or boredom. In fact, there is more than one reason to prefer man eyeglasses, here represented only some of them. Men with glasses are more sexy, says the statistics. The statistics speak for themselves: women believe men who wear glasses most charming man view. The reason is related to the depth of the look, which is enhanced by glasses, especially if you choose a wide frame. The glasses are in fact able to bring up the larger, deep eyes, enhancing the color. The red frame, for example, proves excellent in terms of aesthetic for those with blue or green eyes, while good are the results that are achieved by steel frames for those dark eyes. A closer look, the mount acts as a real frame, as such, are able to put in evidence the eyes from it sealed. Men who wear glasses look more purposes: -a less difficult to choose glasses inelegant man grossolani- views or those who wear glasses may look vulgar, excessive or unkind in the ways of doing and thinking. Guys with glasses = smarter kids E \'has become as undeniable, who could in fact say the opposite: Man wearing glasses view seems to increase the probability of a lot of being "culturally interesting." Yeah, because the eyeglasses is somewhat reasonably become so synonymous with deep dedication to study and work. Women are very attracted to the intellectual capacities of men, they are few those who put this gift in second place compared to everything else. Glasses Men\'s views lend an air much more sophisticated and professional. It even seems that those who wear glasses is favored in job interviews and this orientation has led many to use them even without possessing any real reason attributed to problems of view. A phenomenon so widespread that even the stars of television and theater seem to have been inspired by the use of glasses instead of contact lenses: on the basis of surveys conducted on viewers seems that their image is favored by the presence on their face a simple pair of glasses. We are very far from the legacies and habits of the past, who saw the glasses, among other things not widespread, as a mere accessory to the place of sight service. Today things are very different and the eyewear trends is an excellent tool for anyone wishing to somehow enhance their image.


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