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News » Glasses for men: what material to choose for frames

Glasses for men: what material to choose for frames

If it is true that the choice of men\'s eyeglasses is oriented primarily on the shape, it is equally true that the material from which they are built has its absolute and essential importance. The slogan that characterizes the market today is "Variety" is under the eyes of all the models of glasses for men seen today are available in a multitude of different materials, as well as forms. Even the material, just as the shape, is capable of improving the look of the wearer. There is something for all tastes: the fashion, design and technology have revolutionized the very concept of the glasses so that today glasses Men\'s views may be considered in full as a real clothing and accessory not as a necessary tool to rectify defects of the various views. Plastic Among all the plastic materials it is certainly characterized by its ability to be declined in a wide range of colors and textures. A particular variety of plastic is represented by the polyamide, a thermoplastic resin, used in the pure state or in combination with other plastics for the manufacture of eyeglasses man, but also and especially for the realization of sunglasses and accident prevention. Robust and flexible, the frames made with this material are characterized by their acute and performing resistance to most solvents, as well as for their ability to be exposed to high temperatures. The choice of plastic for the frame proves the perfect choice for those who love sports and it is certainly to be preferred, because of its intrinsic resistance to any shocks. Titanium and Metal Titanium is, among all, a particularly valuable material, usually attributed to the implementation of eyeglasses man and high-end women. Its light weight makes it the preferred material for those who do not tolerate very showy and bulky glasses. This particular characteristic makes titanium, exactly as it happens with the metal, one of the most popular materials for those who love light glasses, by the considerable duration and discrete appearance. Acetate The acetate is a particularly solid material, available in a wide range of shapes and colors. Many eyeglasses man, who consider plastic, in fact they are often made with cellulose acetate. As well as very durable material that is very easy to work with, and this makes it the preferred material in terms of ductility. Today is the superposition of several layers of such material is experienced: exactly this technique leads to a wide range of colors and shades, which is why, often, are favored in the process of purchasing especially by those who love the colors. carbon fiber, optyl bone: the list of materials they can be made eyeglasses for men would be really long to mention. Just know that there is a material for every need, a material for every lifestyle. There are also very lightweight, comfortable and hypoallergenic. Simply visit the web and browse the different models that offer various online optical stores. After all, the comfort is the bridge between man and well-being, we can only then that advantage.


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