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News » Eyeglasses Frames for 2016: here are the ideal models to stand out from the crowd

Eyeglasses Frames for 2016: here are the ideal models to stand out from the crowd

If you fall into the category of individuals who want, at all costs, stand out from the crowd by wearing original accessories, you can do it, if only from the choice of appropriate eyewear optical frames or sunglasses: they play a major role in our looks, . Just choose the most original and fashionable. There are individuals who want at all costs appear extravagant: the one that is right for them, in this case, a beautiful "to" style frame that is able to ... get you out of the box. But choosing the original and, if possible, latest spectacle frames is not simple. The variety is very broad but often, goes round and round, the patterns are always the same and, at best, sometimes only serve to undergo some simple reinterpretation. Any advice, in this case, can only help. Let\'s see what, then, are the frames of glasses in 2016 the most interesting and original. 1. Glasses in stone ... There are those who intend to overdo push forward to a style of eyeglass frames 2016 really surreal. For all these cases here is the more compliant response and flattering stone frames. That\'s right, you read right: it is a processed material that reproduces the design-and certainly not in consistenza- the look of stone, in a thousand different color variegation. The brand doc of stone glasses, Catuma, has seen fit for this new edition in 2016 to develop an entirely new model, oval, with dark gray front and the top decorated with variegated. 2. glasses with glitter They are so much used today on T-scarves, shoes and even nails that even eyeglass frames could not help but be enriched: the glitter dug out today in the fashion of the women. Beautiful, in this case, eyeglasses Gucci, completely covered with gold glitter and lightweight. This is elegant and sophisticated creations designed for those who really intends to be at the center of attention and never go unnoticed on any occasion. 3. Glasses "brocade" Ahead of all the new and more extravagant models of spectacle frames proposals of the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana designed for 2016 are Brocade, a line that features very simple frontal and linear in spite of the temples, where there are the decorations like those typical of tissue brocades. The plea put forward is, in most cases, the floral, in relief, while a particularly acute observer can not help but notice the extraordinary nature of the base, characterized by small inserts like crystals. 4. glasses with small pebbles embedded For lovers of light here is the new proposal for 2016: these eyeglass frames characterized by small brilliant stones embedded. The forms are the most diversified, but the ones that certainly go today for the greater are, definitely, those squared and slightly cat-eye. Shine on rods embedded small glitter contrast: is this presence of studded stones that makes this sunglass a unique and extraordinary. As shown, for the more demanding you are spoiled for choice. Do not just check the threshold of originality and extravagance that means, even in the field of spectacle frames, and then make it their own.


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