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News » Eyeglasses prices: here are the factors that affect the price ranges

Eyeglasses prices: here are the factors that affect the price ranges

To buy a good pair of glasses does not necessarily imply you have to spend a fortune. Prices of the glasses vary greatly from model to model, and to this fact, a number of factors make a contribution. The purchasing concept should be totally rewritten, because, while it is true that, in these times of deep crisis, not everyone can afford to change their glasses (except in the case of absolute necessity), it is equally true that the market has now taken note of this new situation, giving ample space to "anonymous" (meaning non-brand) models, of good quality, perfectly capable of doing the same use of the branded one at a fraction of the cost. But what are the factors which make a difference on the price range of the glasses now available in stores? Let\'s see them together. The lens material. The quality of the material from which the lenses are made, it is easy to imagine, a major impact on the prices of the glasses, of any kind whatsoever, by sight or by themselves. The difference is not going to affect the health of vision as the strength of the lenses themselves. The brand. Blessing for all the great lovers of fashion trendy. Prefer a known brand involves prices are just as important glasses. The reason is due to the advertising costs that go precisely to weigh precisely on the final consumer. Category solar filter. From a purely technical point of view to the lenses you assign a value from 0 to 4 which indicates the ability to filter out UV rays. Most of the glasses fall within the categories 2 and 3, resulting in the effect to be able to absorb most of the rays. Category 4, while enjoying a high filtering power is recommended to go to the mountains but not for driving. CE marking. The presence of this marking proves indispensable unless you want to support a price for completely useless glasses, indeed, harmful to the health of our eyes, since it is delegated to certify the conformity of the lenses to the current legislation on the basis of certain factors, such as : the absence of corrective effects or distortions of the images, ability to filter UV rays, mechanical shock resistance. The spare parts The ability to replace certain elements, with the aid of replacement parts, moves up the scale of the price of the glasses: it is not a case that such a characteristic takes place with more recurrence with brand eyeglasses. A factor that helps to strengthen brand recognition, going to the benefit of its reputation, but to the costs incurred by the producer, then on the final consumer. Mechanical resistance. It is a feature that goes to indicate the mechanical strength measured with a singular impact test performed with steel ball in free fall. Of course the higher the higher mechanical strength are the prices of the glasses. Type of lenses. Even the type / destination of the lenses mounted on the glasses be an impact on prices of the glasses: it is undeniable that there is a difference if only depending on whether they are polarized, that is able to eliminate reflections -so suitable to the sea or snow- or photochromic, ie capable of absorbing the light according to its intensity. In conclusion, we can not always be argued that the price of the glasses can be considered a reliable indicator of successful lenses. As can be understood, it all depends rather on the characteristics and the features that you intend to deliver in priority to their needs.


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