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News » Children eyewear: how to choose the best models when there is so much on offer.

Children eyewear: how to choose the best models when there is so much on offer.

Once apon a time, to see a child wearing a pair of glasses was quite rare and for this simple reason the models available for the young one where not that many and the few available were, inevitably quite ugly to look at. Today, fortunately, things are very different: it is so widespread the use of glasses among children, even very young, that the market has started, with an unexpected ease, to propose several models also quite diversified. After all, unlike what you may imagine, in the selection of eyeglass frame to wear, children today have expectations very similar to those of adults. Each child called to make his first experience with the use of glasses should feel at ease: the children\'s glasses are in fact intended for themselves, then, first of all, it is good that they are themselves to indicate the models they consider right for them, starting with the color. The parent, however, has a duty to take into account many other aspects that relate to children\'s glasses, because the color is just a detail: in hindsight there are several factors that combine to make a more or less suitable for children eyewear designed to wear them. Let\'s do some \'clarity about the features that make the difference between a pair of glasses and another. Materials: not all respond well to the needs of children The material used for the frames of spectacles for children is the most important aspect of pragmatically frame: it must respond in an excellent manner to the needs of movement of the smallest, so it must be sturdy, to test for breakage and lightweight. Another aspect of no small importance is the presence in it of nickel, of which some children are allergic. The choice, especially in this case, must be laid on spectacle frames made of pure titanium. If we intend to minimize to the maximum the risk of an allergic reaction, the ideal is to opt for an additional anti-allergic coating. The label "made of pure titanium" (pure titanium) is the litmus test, since it is able to ensure the presence of the actual quality into those glasses for children that you intend to purchase. Auctions and nasal bridges: a proof of comfort baby Especially in the case of children\'s glasses intended for small or very vivid struggling with the first steps, to deserve special attention are the temples: they must exercise a comfortable pressure while allowing the glasses to stay in place. Even the presence of strong elastic hinges is the guarantee of a long life of the frames, as are the flexible rods coated with soft plastic. The nose bridge of the spectacles for children, we would feel that we certainly not worthy of special attention, rather fulfills a fundamental task in terms of comfort and good vision. Young children do not have a well defined nasal septum on which glasses may rest, so a good pair of glasses can be defined as such only if the contact surface of the nasal bridge is very wide, so that the weight of the spectacles for children going to be distributed better. Sports glasses for children: a challenge to the comfort and robustness Can we really believe that a child who sports face -pensiamo to soccer, tennis, or any judo- can wear a pair of glasses? If a simple movement itself can cause the fall of the glasses, imagine what can happen during a sports practice. The market, as always, we urge you to defuse all the possible problems that may have repercussions on consumers, conceived and developed glasses to fit children to sport, which made completely out of plastic glasses with temples without hinges. As seen on the market today makes it absolutely possible to combine comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal: everything seems to bring about the desired positive impact that children should have with their glasses.


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