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News » Buy online eyewear you should ... but here is how to recognize the best deals

Buy online eyewear you should ... but here is how to recognize the best deals

It is well known to all the benefits related to the decision to buy a pair of glasses online. Zero gasoline expenses, zero stress, maximum comfort. But beware, just as occurs in any physical store, even in the network is necessary to establish the necessary precautions necessary to prevent a choice, perhaps hasty or refurbishing exclusively aesthetic, can go to the detriment of our sight. Species in the case in which the online glasses are by themselves, must carefully choose the right lens, and recognizing the good quality. Here are some tips in order. Eye ... the legislation First of all, the first guarantee of quality comes certainly in relying to a serious dealer: in the online glasses shop is easy to examine the professionalism of the same, that emerges on several factors including, in addition to its reputation and its high ranking on search engines, the affixing of the CE mark warranty on frame and the compliance of the sunglasses with the UNI EN 1836 which classifies the lenses according to five sunscreens, from 0 to 5. These two factors are in themselves sufficient to prove that online eyewear meets all the criteria that have long been imposed by the European Union to guarantee and protect the health safety, allowing us to determine that the frame is hypoallergenic and lenses they are really able to effectively filter solar radiation. Check the features of the online glasses Not a few people who, in operating an online purchase of glasses, you dwell solely on their appearance: This is favored by the presence of countless photos in the sites used to selling online glasses, these images more accurate, in able to visually capture every minute detail of the same. This is certainly good, the pleasantness in terms of design is crucial, but not exclusive: one that can never be missing is the attention paid in the presence of given characteristics, such as mechanical ones of the frame and the techniques for sunscreens applied to lenses. Ensures compliance eyewear to your visual disturbance Needless to say, the first thing of which take into account the purchase of prescription glasses online is definitely the disturbance to which the correction is used glasses: myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia. There are lenses of each type with characteristics that diverge in some cases diametrically. The same is true, no doubt, to the sunglasses. In these cases, the advice is to also evaluate the importance of color: this too can become more responsive to their visual impairment. For an even more effective eye protection it is in fact important to choose a lens coloring which allows to select the light waves. Shades like blue, pink and fuchsia, very much in vogue today in the world of online glasses, as pleasant and appealing from an aesthetic point of view, are not recommended: they respond to fashion-related fees but they are not really efficient against Sun. The yellow instead, in spite of what we would be led to believe, has a double advantage: filters out ultraviolet radiation in an effective and efficient at the same time without obscuring the landscape. Be preferred even more are the brown lenses, particularly suitable for those with myopia problems, as well as those of gray-green color, which, apart from being unusual, are indicated for those suffering from hyperopia. As can be understood, it is good to store all the necessary arrangements during the purchase of online glasses often, because of the advantages that such purchase method implies, it tends to diminish the importance of many factors that prove quite essential to preserve the health of our eyes and give a clear view.


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