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News » branded sunglasses and not here all precautions not to be taken lightly.

branded sunglasses and not here all precautions not to be taken lightly.

Irreplaceable fashion accessory for some, indispensable protection with the arrival of summer for another: whatever the reason that causes the purchase of branded sunglasses and no, this must be weighed well if it really has to heart health of their eyes. And \'the case to say ... the choice should be clear. The temptation to turn to the first stall where you come across the street is strong: who, at least in their own lives, did not dwell for at least five seconds to observe the beauty and apparent perfection of his glasses "non-branded" a euphemism that allows us to say "fake" in some cases. The difference is the cost but, in hindsight, sunglasses, if you do not comply with the requirements of the law, might give rise to serious vision problems, such as, to mention just a few: cataracts, conjunctivitis and macular degeneration. To wear a beautiful but also safe glasses is advisable to take some precautions. Let\'s find out together. 1. Evaluate the typical characteristics of a pair of glasses under The difference between by brand sunglasses and does not do it, first of all, the presence in the head to them of a series of elements. Without being influenced by price or by design is to verify the presence of the CE mark and a notice indicating that the glasses are in compliance with EU laws. It is peremptory requirements for manufactures and retailers, necessary to protect the health of all consumers, as is the specification in respect of the UNI EN 1836, indicative of compliance with safety parameters products. Unfortunately, in most cases, the difference between branded sunglasses and not, is related to the increased-but not absolute, it is good precisare- guarantee the first in terms of safety and compliance with current legislation. 2. Evaluate the lens classification At the time to make their decision sunglasses brand sunglasses and it\'s not appropriate to focus on another aspect: the transparency of the lens. The lenses are made of glass or resin. The substantial difference is the increased scratch resistance guaranteed by the first material, however, and far more heavier "prone to breakage", and in the light of the second, where the flaw is, however, represented by a lower scratch resistance. The lenses are then classified, according to the legislation intended to regulate the production and distribution of branded glasses and no, depending on the filtering capacity. Taking account of it, there are four categories, which depend on the degree of brightness of the surrounding environment: Category 0-1: to be used in low light Category 2: Use under average light Category 3: for use in the presence of full brightness Category 4: Use under strong illuminazione.Quest\'ultima category as well understand, for example, is not suitable for driving. The branded sunglasses and do not take account of these important factors: the problem is that, unfortunately, they, especially the latter, are not always able to fulfill this "commitment".


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