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News » 5 useful tips to choose the best sunglasses for your eyes.

5 useful tips to choose the best sunglasses for your eyes.

Who knows how many times we heard the words: to protect the eyes from the sun is the first thing to take care of, since the absence of adequate protection makes our eyes frail and vulnerable. It seems to fall into rhetoric: the warning to use sunglasses has become so widespread to the point of being obvious.. What is not obvious, however, is the standard by which sunglasses are selected. In order to protect your eyes effectively, a careful selection is required, so not to leave anything to chance. Let’s see how best we can select wisely our next pair of sunglasses. 1) Always buy your sunglasses from a qualified optician, online or otherwise. To really protect your eyes from the sun you need a pair of shades made for the purpose. Don’t buy cheap sunglasses from street vendors or at the supermarket. By buying from the professionals you should be satisfied that the glasses you are paying for are fit from the point of view of material of the frame and lenses with appropriate sun protection as specified by the law. 2) Watch out ... for the frame. Even the frame can exert its influence on the protection of the eyes from the sun. It must be well attached to the root of the nose and it is better to prefer large glasses, even better if the cover up above the eyebrow and are a little curved. The ideal would be to use them together with a hat with a visor, in order to optimize the protective effect. 3) If you are short sighted you should choose the color brown for your sunglass lenses. While if you are long sighted you will do well to prefer instead gray or green colored lenses. Remember that the sun lenses can also be prescription lenses, both single vision and varifocal / progressive. 4) It is useful to wears sunglasses even in the shade, because the sun\'s rays, in particular conditions, when reflection on some surfaces, can be harmful if not filtered, it might seem an absurd contradiction ... but even in the shade it is recommended to protect your eyes from the sun. Unlike what you might think, even with the cloudy sky, sunglasses should be worn because clouds do not filter fully harmful UV radiation. Only good quality sunglasses will offer the full protection your eyes deserve. 5) Always verify the filtering power of the sun lens you are going to purchase: not everyone knows that from the 1st July 1995 all sun lenses must carry a label indicating the filtering power which goes from 0 to 4: The absence of the relevant label may be symptomatic of the poor quality of the lenses, which, as often happens in these cases, may even be built with harmful materials. 0 = almost no filtering power, the lens just softens a little the brightness of the sunlight. 1 = basic protection from glare 2-3 = average filtering capacity 4 = exceptional filtering power, needed in conditions of exceptional sun exposure (eg, in glaciers). So, to protect your eyes from the sun, you must always wear a pair of good sunglasses. Be warned however that not even those sunglasses carrying the mark CE are an absolute guarantee of quality. The mark CE, in fact, only tells you that those glasses offer the minimum standard protection prescribed by law. Don’t be afraid to ask your optician all of the information you need to select a useful pair of sunglasses. After all is your money you are spending and it is the health of your eyes which is at stake.


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