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News » Conjunctivitis: how to recognize it and understand its causes

Conjunctivitis: how to recognize it and understand its causes

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common and widespread eye diseases. It is characterized by an inflammatory state of the conjunctiva, the transparent membrane that covers the white of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelid. It can occur in acute or chronic form. The signs that generally indicate the presence of such a disorder are: redness, slight swelling of the eyelid and conjunctiva and, especially in viral forms, the presence of small hemorrhages or bulbar conjunctival tarsal. The main symptoms-those which otherwise used to distinguish conjunctivitis dall\'allergia- are represented by excessive tearing, abundant secretion, which often tends to glue the lashes, burning, feeling of having a foreign body in the eye, photophobia. Causes of Conjunctivitis There are various causes of the conjunctivitis. Surely, among them, the most common are the infections due to bacteria, viruses, etc. but to unleash the typical symptoms are also some chemicals such as drugs, cosmetics etc., and physical agents such as excessive exposure to the sun, other radiation, as well as allergy. Conjunctivitis, in its acute form, it is often characterized by mild fever, sore throat, cough and swollen lymph glands. Hand hygiene, in all these cases, it is certainly important: in fact, you have to consider that in this situation there is a high risk of infecting other people. bacterial and allergic conjunctivitis: characteristics and peculiarities Generally, the therapy varies because of the type of conjunctivitis. We resort to antibiotic eye drops for the cases of bacterial conjunctivitis, while use is made of eye drops antihistamines and corticosteroids in cases of allergic conjunctivitis. It will always be the ophthalmologist, in any case, that will diagnose the exact type of disease, indicating the appropriate care. Bacterial conjunctivitis is, without doubt, the most common. It we can distinguish three types: catarrhal conjunctivitis, very contagious, it is the only one where there is the production of mucus, often affecting first one eye and then the other; purulent conjunctivitis, acute inflammatory process of a certain gravity, characterized by red eyes and abundant purulent discharge, eyelid edema, intense irritation; membranous conjunctivitis, severe but rare, characterized by thickened secretions that come off with difficulty from the conjunctiva causing bleeding if removed. Within the fold of allergic conjunctivitis we can include two types: the seasonal and perennial, which vary according to the period in which it makes its presence. In the first case the symptomatology is generally triggered by pollens, herbs and seasonal plants, in the second case by the presence of animal dander, molds, dust. In both cases it can be enough a good prophylaxis to reduce the symptoms even in the acute phase of the disease. Careful scrutiny of the symptoms proves invaluable to criticize and evaluate the possible presence of conjunctivitis, it being understood that the eye examination remains the preferred channel to dispel any doubt about their actual state of health. It will be subject to such advice, which, in fact, you will receive guidance about the tricks and tools of which use to better address this long-standing disorder.


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