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News » Diet for short-sighted: even food does its part.

Diet for short-sighted: even food does its part.

Diet for short-sighted? Let\'s face it, quite frankly seems rather to be a publicity stunt designed specifically to sponsor the sale of certain products.
In fact, we are led to believe that nothing can be done to stop or at least, slow down myopia, as the underlying factors are structurally bound into the DNA, as well as associated with aging and genetic heritage of each individual .
Right, but only up to a point, however. Here\'s the news: a good diet for short-sighted can ensure a good functioning of the eyes.
Recent studies have shown that certain foods, by their nature, can improve eyesight, slow aging of the eyes, while ensuring excellent vision.
Some foods are already widely known: the case of those based on vitamin A, and then of foods such as carrots, bilberry etc..
However, it should be noted that nowadays it is very rare to observe a deficiency of vitamin A, since our normal diet is sufficiently rich in this vitamin. Despite this myopia remains the most common visual defect.
So let\'s review the real "new" foods belonging to the "diet for short-sighted", the consumption of which improves their visual situation characterized by myopia.

1. Nuts and seeds - A diet of a short-sighted person cannot ignore these extraordinary oilseeds rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, to help prevent and / or slow the onset of cataracts. They can be added in salads, fish, bread or be eaten as they are, even better at breakfast.

2. Broccoli - Vegetable rich in lutein, an antioxidant that helps to counteract myopia as it can improve blood flow to the Eye and vitamin C, broccoli are particularly good for combating the aging eye. Everyone should consume broccoli, but even more, those who are suffering from visual disorders in general and myopia in particular.

3. Salmon – today, there is a lot of talk about omega 3 fatty acids. The myopic diet should be rich of these acids, and salmon should be part of the diet.
In fact, it reduces the risk of macular degeneration which can cause blindness.
Similar benefits can be guaranteed by the consumption of herring, halibut and sardines.

4. Spinach - According to a study recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition only one teaspoon of spinach per day increases the lutein level in the body of up to 90%. However, to achieve “visible” results, you will have to persevere in the consumption of spinach for a few months.

5. Avocado - It will not be difficult to allow entry of it into the diet of myopic. It is a fruit rich in vitamin E, essential for the welfare of the eyes. In fact, today the market generously puts at our disposal tropical fruits of every kind and this practice allows the ease of consumption.

6. Garlic - sulfur rich, garlic proves to be a suitable food to stimulate the immune system to such properties being added to protect the health of the lens. It is recommended, despite the "side effects" attributable to its unpleasant smell. It should be eaten raw and not cooked, so to preserve intact its properties ... maybe during some days destined to loneliness.

So, adjusting your diet to include all of the above foods will help preserve the good health of your eyes.


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