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News » Vitreous detachment, and vitreous floaters: the two visual pathologies difficult to interpret and distinguish

Vitreous detachment, and vitreous floaters: the two visual pathologies difficult to interpret and distinguish

The vitreous body is a gelatinous substance located at the center of the eye that adheres to the retina.

It is made for almost 99% of water, while the rest is made of molecules and structural cells: the glassy cells, collagen fibers, sugars, hyaluronic acid, proteins and electrolytes. Everything is contained in the hyaloid membrane.
The water content thus plays a major role in the vitreous volume, curtailments involves vitreous detachment, which, as explained, the hyaloid membrane of the retinal surface.
However, this detachment may also occur following trauma and accidents such as severe blows to the head.

Causes and symptoms of vitreous detachment

In most cases, the vitreous detachment occurs without consequences.
At a certain age it can be considered a normal physiological phenomenon caused by general body dehydration.
Being tied to the physiological aging process tends to increase the incidence with age.
However, for short-sighted, the risk is greater, especially in cases of high myopia.

The risk, then, is likely to increase significantly among patients over the age of 70 years.

Other causes that can determine the vitreous detachment are uveitis, eye inflammation and cataracts.

When it does not involve traction on the retinal surface is considered benign. But when the vitreous detachment tends to pull with it also the retina, serious complications can arise.

Generally, you realize traction, when it is accompanied by phosphenes, that is similar to the bright flashes camera flash.

How to intervene
In the presence of the above described symptoms, go and see immediately to the eye specialist and also avoid physical exercises.

Another symptom to be considered as a wake-up call of a possible detachment of the vitreous is the vision of "floaters" caused by vitreous floaters, those aggregations of cells that float in the vitreous body.
A therapy that completely solves the trouble does not exist.
In any case the detachment of the vitreous tends to regress spontaneously, even if slowly.
This is because the shadows appear significantly more faded with the passage of time and will be perceived less and less, up to the time when the brain will tend to ignore them.

Floaters (vitreous floaters or flies).

The phenomenon of floaters is a disease unfortunately quite widespread today, which is manifested by the presence of point floaters or threadlike that cast their shadow on the retina generating in the visual field, that phenomenon also known as "floaters."

The floaters are often not considered a disease, but, in truth, represent minor defects of vision.
They are caused by degenerative phenomena of the vitreous body: the gel, especially due the physiological process related to aging or to myopia, tends to reduce the aqueous component and loses its transparency, resulting in the formation of those small fragments which go to project its shadow on the retina.

In other cases they are the effect of the separation of the vitreous (posterior) or a detached retina.
The floaters are fully realized when looking at objects with a light and bright background or when you llok at the monitor of your computer.
There is no specific age for their appearance and, unfortunately, at the moment there is no drug therapy to completely eliminate the problem. To eliminate the problem, the patient must learn to avoid to observe obsessively the floaters in his eyes.

A useful tip to prevent both mentioned and described visual pathologies is to lead a healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water, especially during the summer months, in order to rebalance the overall hydration of the body and, therefore, also of the eyes.


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