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News » Diplopia: double vision that compromises our balance

Diplopia: double vision that compromises our balance

Diplopia, can be defined as a disease that creates a double vision of the same object: in the presence of this disorder visual axes are in fact diverted.
An object stimulates two different points of the retina, that do not melt in the brain, thus giving rise to two distinct images.
The diplopia is binocular, covers both eyes. If the symptom persists even after you close one eye, it can be said not to be in the presence of diplopia, but other visual disturbance linked to the eye which remains open.
We can therefore say that the true diplopia is one that disappears if you close one eye.

Causes and symptoms of diplopia
The factors leading to diplopia may differ among these may be numbered: inheritance, refractive defects, eye abnormalities such as cataracts and ptosis, paresis of cerebral origin or one of the eye muscles.
Regarding the effects, it must be said that if the deviated eye is not used, does not develop or loses visual acuity and so can also lead to amblyopia that over time can become irreversible. If the diplopia in adults is going to develop suddenly it can be a wake-up call from a serious medical condition that produces effects on the eyes, brain, muscles or nerves.
From the aesthetic point of view the patients\' eyes with this disorder may have a respect "wandering" or squinting.
As for the symptoms of diplopia too can be among the most diverse:
- Headache and loss of balance;
- Orbit diseases that prevent the mechanical movement of the muscles;
- Certain muscle diseases;
- Paralysis of certain cranial nerves;
- Weakening the activity of one or more muscles.

Healing techniques and systems of diplopia
Gender, care of diplopia is related to the cause of the dysfunction.
Certainly in the concomitant forms are generally resorts to the use of prismatic lenses or, in severe cases, surgery, which allows you to reposition the extra-ocular muscles to provide compensation.
When instead it is in the presence of a muscle paralysis becomes much more difficult to make an adequate therapy. Any motility block is unlikely to be cured even with surgery.
In these cases, the first step to do is to go to solve the primary problem, and this especially in the case of the orbit problems. Drug therapy is generally particularly effective allowing, most of the time, restore a valid condition of ocular motility.
However, with respect to paralysis of the cranial nerves the speech appears far more complicated and, in this case, it should also consult a competent neurologist.

It should be explained that, in the majority of cases, healing from diplopia occurs in a spontaneous way. Before working, therefore, it is generally recommended to wait a period of time that varies from one to eight months. If the deficits were to persist in any case more than this period it will unfortunately postponed surgical intervention on the extra-ocular muscles.


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