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News » Child\'s vision: precautions we must take to preserve it at its best.

Child's vision: precautions we must take to preserve it at its best.

It is an alarming and realistic fact: child\'s vision gets impaired or put at serious risk from all sorts of problems, a situation which should not cause excessive worry in parents, given that technology has developed modern lenses for our children, specially designed for them, which can facilitate and improve their visual skills. But how do you find out if your children actually need the help of glasses? Let\'s find out together. The alarm bells should not be underestimated The problems with children, unfortunately, are very frequent, more than ever, especially during the first years of life. The good news is that for every disorder that can be a threaten to children’s, there is always some alarm bells which serve a warning. In general you should be alerted in the presence of burning, excessive tearing, redness, fatigue and frequent headaches, or even when the young child needs to squeeze and rub his eyes to concentrate, or when there is a feeling of “heavy eyelids” . The most common conditions affecting sight in children. Lazy eye, astigmatism, myopia, strabismus are just some of the diseases that can threaten the sight of children. These are all solvable problems. Ideally however, an early detection of the problems prevent them from escalating. That\'s why it is essential to know modes and features they reveal themselves. Cross-eyed vision. Also known as squint, the cross-eyed vision is a condition that may put pressure on the vision of children from birth. What happens is that in the brain generates two different images, one of which, being confused, is removed by the brain itself, with the effect of generating a not negligible visual defect. Farsightedness. This is a condition that is manifested by a great effort by the child to try to see things close. Headache, agitation and tendency to tire easily, redness of the eyes, difficulty in concentration, when the child reads or writes here is just some of the symptoms that may occur in relation to a child affected by this visual pathology. Myopia. Children who are suffering from myopia, just like adults, have difficulty watching television programs, objects and scripts placed at long distance or what is written on the blackboard in the classroom. These children tend to squint eyes more frequently than they do normally, and often beat the eyelids: it is a reflex due to the need to compensate for their difficulties to see distant images. Astigmatism. Even this problem can affect the regular vision of children, due to an irregular curvature of the cornea that generates a confused and distorted vision. Depending on the severity of the irregularities, the child sees the objects with linear drives that are more or less distorted. Thanks to a timely diagnosis, which must be followed by an equally timely care, one can get excellent results and get the child’s vision return to normal rapidly. Particularly in the case of infants, a visit by an eye specialist can detect early problems and take immediately the action required to correct the issue. The advice is to subject the child to visits every four months for the first two years of life, so that the visual system develops properly, perhaps with the help of adequate eyeglasses, thus avoiding the triggering of the most serious problems in the future. Note: the above text has been translated from Italian with Google Translator, so be indulgent if some sentences don’t make much sense. Use your imagination…..


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