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News » blue eyes are more sensitive to light ... but is it really true? The mystery is revealed

blue eyes are more sensitive to light ... but is it really true? The mystery is revealed

The habit of considering the blue eyes more sensitive to light is a pure myth or reality?
It is a legitimate question based upon the assumption that people with blue eyes have proved most vulnerable to light than usually happens to those who possess different color eyes. That being the case, it would follow that blue eyes would become more prone to visual dysfunctions, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness.
But, is it really true or not?
Let\'s see ... clearly.

Blue Eyes: increased sensitivity to light?
It \'been scientifically proven that blue eyes contain a smaller amount of melanin than brown ones: being a deputy melanin pigment to the eye protection, it would follow that blue eyes are more sensitive to light just because of the reduced ability to make the most of their "natural filter."
In the event that this phenomenon does go of succeeding really side effects, well, the technology has really thought of everything developing lenses to melanin.
Question of lenses which let pass the right amount of blue light necessary to ensure the best color perception even in the presence of very bright light.
The utility of these lenses speaks for itself not only for the utility that would be able to cause to the most sensitive blue eyes to light, but also in terms of aesthetic appeal, due to their brown coloring, so in vogue today.

Blue Eyes: view less acute?
If it is true, as has just been clarified and substantiated, that blue eyes are more sensitive to light and that, consequently, they are more prone to macular degeneration and other eye disorders than they have dark eyes, it is not equally true that the reverberations sensitivity effects also pertaining to the quality of vision.
There are tests that can endorse the view that the clear eyes represent due to a worse view, while it can, at most, be envisaged that the yield of the former is in fact less "performance": this would be the result deriving from various tests on the basis of which indicate that the dark eyes have better reaction times.
Such deduction is traceable in the analysis of sports performance of a group of University of Louisville students as a result of which would emerge a greater capacity and speed on the part of the subjects with darker eyes to do the performance.

When the nuisance can rise to illness
But, you have to wonder if it\'s true that blue eyes are more sensitive to light, how far a simple intolerance, human and widespread, may take on the terms of a true photophobia (excessive sensitivity to light or intolerance to light)?
When you can say that you are over the threshold of ordinariness, making justified alarm?
The most striking symptoms are: tendency to squint or close your eyes and watery eyes in the presence of light sources which can be as sunlight, fluorescent light, the incandescent and even the flames of candles or fire.

Do not overlook the answers that our body gives us the first real and concrete form of prevention.

Note: the above text has been translated from Italian with Google Translator, so be indulgent if some sentences ..don’t make much sense. Use your imagination…

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